Fully stocked Qantas 747 bar carts fly out the door

The much-loved Qantas 747 bar cart.
The much-loved Qantas 747 bar cart.

The nation's love all things Qantas 747 means now you can snaffle a slice of memorabilia and celebrate the flying kangaroo yourself.

Qantas may have retired the much-loved 747 fleet to the Californian desert, but not everything went with it. The bar carts are safe.

They were restocked so you could continue drinks' service in the comfort of your home.

One thousand Qantas 747 galley carts stocked with a range of items - from champagne and Australian red and white wine to Tim Tams, PJs and an exclusive-to-Qantas First Class Sheridan throw - went on sale today.

And they sold out faster than an in-flight safety demonstration.

Qantas Executive Manager of Product and Service, Phil Capps, said the airline wanted to offer up a unique opportunity for enthusiasts to own a physical piece of the 747 legacy, particularly at a time when travel was difficult.

"While we no longer have use for them, they still have life in them, especially for those with an appreciation for aviation collectables and an eye for design," Mr Capps said.

And the market agreed with him. The full bar cart (priced at $1474.70) and the half cart ($974.70) were snapped up early.

Other items - including emergency exit signs, phone handsets used by the crew and a galley control unit - will go under the hammer at a charity auction at Qantas' Sydney domestic business lounge on Saturday October 10 ahead of a seven-hour Boeing 787 sightseeing flight.