Field day provides tips and tricks for producers

Despite the cold weather, more than 100 producers and industry leaders attended the Beef Production Field Day at Coota Park on Wednesday.

Hosted by Coota Park Blue-E every two years, the field day provides an opportunity to network and learn more about the beef industry from leading experts.

Coota Park Blue-E stud principle and farm manager, Jonathan Wright, said the day was a major success, with 115 people attending the event.

"We had nearly 120 people who registered to come on the day which is really fantastic and I think we got most of those," he said.

While there was some potential for setbacks with COVID restrictions and internet connectivity issues, Mr Wright said the day ran smoothly.

"We have been challenged by the COVID pandemic, we've been challenged by internet connection because some of the speakers couldn't get here, the first one is going on right now which is really exciting," he said.

"I feel very relieved."

The day's speakers included:

  • Isobel Knight - Proagtive Succession Planning
  • Jason Strong - Managing Director, Meat and Livestock Australia
  • Terry McCosker - Director, Resource Consulting Services
  • Professor Luciano Gonzalez - Nancy Roma Paech Chair in Sustainable Livestock Production, Sydney Institute of Agriculture, University of Sydney
  • Rod Knight - KLR Marketing

The day also featured a number of trade stalls and a health check.

Mr Wright said each speaker brought expertise on a different aspect of the beef industry.

"It's a good day to contribute to the education part within the rural industry and certainly the beef industry," he said.

"We're very passionate about what we do so we like sharing that with people and also bringing good stories to share with other people as well.

"There's a whole lot of different facets about being a happy, successful farmer and so we attended to some of those things today by talking about how families deal with each other and the need for planning in that sense.

"To looking at the strange circumstances we're in now where we've had a lot of drought, now we have lots of feed so we've got people talking about that.

"We talking about climate change, we're talking about research that's happening in our industry so lots of exciting stuff and hopefully dealing with some of the hard stuff."