Proposed sale day change to boost stock numbers and buyers

Farmers ad agents at last Friday's Cowra sheep and lamb sale.
Farmers ad agents at last Friday's Cowra sheep and lamb sale.

Cowra Associated Agents president Craige Oliver says a proposal to change Cowra's sheep and lamb sale day to a Wednesday had been mooted by some local agents "basically to cater for our smaller yardings".

As well as increasing lamb numbers Mr Oliver said the agents hope the change will attract more buyers and sellers to Cowra especially during the periods of the year when sale numbers are lower.

Buyers who attend the weekly Cowra sale also attend the Central Tablelands Livestock exchange sales at Carcoar each Wednesday.

"Carcoar has indicated a willingness to move their sale forward to an 8am start, this would give us an 11.30am start," Mr Oliver said.

"Basically it would allow meat companies to get bigger numbers on one day.

"Our seasons are two different seasons," he added in relation to lamb offerings at the two venues.

"Our sucker season starts in July and finishes the end of October. Their sucker seasons starts in October and finishes at the end of December so nine times out of 10 we don't have similar lambs ready at the same time.

"(Carcoar) is in support of it because we've got lambs when they haven't got lambs and they've got lambs when we haven't got lambs."

Those wishing to provide feedback can contact:

  • Their local Cowra selling agent.
  • Cowra Council - Manager for Cowra Services, Chris Cannard: Phone 6340 2088 or email
  • Chairman of NSW Farmers Association (Cowra branch) - Brett Treasure: Phone 0428 418 032 or email