Rezoning for dam camp sites

On face value it looked like a simple decision to place on exhibition rezoning of land at Wyangala Dam.

In reality Council's decision this week to note an amended planning proposal prepared by Water NSW for the rezoning of the land from its current classification of Environmental Conservation to Tourist is the start of major development at Wyangala that is necessary before the raising of the wall.

The amended planning proposal will be placed on public exhibition for 28 days in accordance with the requirements and Council's Community Participation Plan 2020 before coming back to council.

Council voted unanimously in favour of placing the plan on exhibition, at the same time stressing that this week's decision was not related to any development application for relocation of cabins and camping sites at Wyangala.

"This is merely an amendment to the zoning out there," Cr Ray Walsh said at Monday's Council meeting.

"This is merely just the start of a lot of work that has to go on for the planning of the relocation of the camping area," he said.

Cr Ruth Fagan described the rezoning as "the start of a very exciting project".

"There will be lots more of these types of small alterations and planning proposals that we will have to deal with," she said.

"We will be getting a new tourist park (at Wyangala Dam) after a lot more discussion and I am sure lots more comments from the community.

"It is only a change in zoning, it is nothing to do with a DA that may come later in the year," she said.

Mayor Bill West recognised the impact the changes may have on the Wyangala community and campsite and cabin owners at the holiday park but added the move " is nothing to do with a development application at this stage".

"This is about re-zoning of the land, but that said the redevelopment of the holiday park does offer some exciting opportunities.

"I do realise there is some angst in the community where people may have their sites inundated, the sooner that is resolved the better.

"That said this is part of the step. From a Cowra perspective and economic perspective the sooner we get back to the 200,000 people that visited in the 1980s the better," Cr West said.

Re-zoning for camping.

Re-zoning for camping.