What's the beef? Find out at Coota Park Blue-E field day

Nick Hovey and Jon Wright will once again welcome local producers and clients to the Coota Park Blue-E Beef Production Field Day. File photo.
Nick Hovey and Jon Wright will once again welcome local producers and clients to the Coota Park Blue-E Beef Production Field Day. File photo.

From marketing to succession plans to sustainable farming practices and everything in between, it's all set to be discussed at the upcoming Beef Production Field Day at Coota Park.

Hosted by Jon Wright and Nick Hovey of Coota Park Blue-E, the field day features a long list of beef industry experts and trade stands.

Mr Wright said this year's speakers are at the top of their fields.

"The basic concept is to always align ourselves with new technology and new information and provide information to our clients and potential clients," he said.

"We thought this year, because of the coronavirus, that we would shoot for the stars as far speakers are concerned... and it seemed to work."

This year's line up includes:

  • Isobel Knight - Proagtive Succession Planning
  • Jason Strong - Managing Director, Meat and Livestock Australia
  • Terry McCosker - Director, Resource Consulting Services
  • Professor Luciano Gonzalez - Nancy Roma Paech Chair in Sustainable Livestock Production, Sydney Institute of Agriculture, University of Sydney
  • Rod Knight - KLR Marketing

Mr Wright said the day will cover almost every facet of the beef industry.

"Isobel [Knight], she's one of the leading succession planners in the country. She's given lots of talks and is very, very knowledgeable in that space," he said.

"Rod Knight, who happens to be her [Isobel's] husband, does a lot of talks on marketing cattle, buying and selling cattle.

"That's something that's very topical at the moment because people have got lots and lots of feed and animal are really, really expensive.

"Professor Luciano Gonzalez is a lecturer and researcher at the University of Sydney. They've got a machine at our farm at the moment that's measuring the amount of methane that our cattle are producing.

"It's called a green feeder and that will be on display on the day.

"Jason Strong is the CO of Meat and Livestock Australia, the peak body for the beef industry. We're very lucky to get him, he's coming down from Brisbane.

"Terry is one of Australia's leading educators on sustainable agriculture and time controlled grazing.

"[He's] working for a very long time on how farmers can get rewarded for sequestering carbon in their soils."

Mr Wright will also give a talk on the beef industry, emissions and climate change.

"How farmers interact in that space. We're always encouraging people to open up their minds to the issues of climate change because farmers are going to be the ones affected first," he said.

"We need to be thinking about it and proactive about it."

This year will once again feature a "community health pit stop program", with a particular focus on men's health.

Lunch will also be included on the day for $20, with the money going towards Cowra headspace.

Mr Wright said there is a COVID safe plan in place for anyone planning to attend.

"We will obviously have a limit of 150 people, that will be determined by RSVP, we're encouraging people to RSVP for numbers," he said.

"As much as it might detract people... but I think also people might be pretty keen for a day out.

"As long as we're responsible, we've got a COVID-19 plan in place and be following all the guidelines of social distancing and hygiene."