Police find cannabis in yard

Police find cannabis in yard

A 48-year-old Cowra man has been fined $200 at Cowra Local Court.

Benjamin Sean Luckett of Watt Street was before the court charged with cultivating a prohibited plant.

According to police facts, around 9.30am on March 19, police sighted a number of cannabis plants in the backyard of a Watt Street residence, visible from the property's side gate.

No residents were present and police declared the location a crime scene, calling Cowra Council to assist in controlling a large dog at the location.

Police attended Luckett's place of work and spoke to him in relation to the plants.

While speaking to police, he made partial admissions to the plants, saying he had them for "maybe six months".

He told police there were plants in the property's shed and that he was the sole occupant at the time.

He then consented to police searching the properties shed and rear yard.

Police invited him to attend the search but he declined, stating "it's not hydroponics".

Around 10.20am police conducted their search and located a number of cannabis plants.

Six were located housed in pots in the property's shed, growing under natural light.

The plants were around one metre high and had an automatic watering system.

Another six were located in a garden bed in the centre of the backyard, three in pots and three planted in the ground. These plants ranged in height from 30cm to 160cm.

A final seven plants were located in the rear corner of the property's yard, three in pots and four planted in the ground crowning over the top of the rear Colourbond fence.

Police removed all the plants from the property, with some found to have been pruned and harvested.

Luckett's solicitor Jo Collings told the court the plants had been for her client's personal use with all of them found in various stages of maturity.

Magistrate Michael O'Brien said that Luckett had an unhealthy attitude to the use of drugs and the sooner he broke free of them the better he would be.