Yesterday today, July 1920

A look back at what was making news in the Cowra Free Press on July 28 and 31, 1920.

Well-known Local property Sold.

Mr. J. M. Ryan recently disposed of his well-known property, " Talarookrook," to Mr. Mark Mitchell, a Sydney Fix this textsolicitor, who we understand, intends to float a company styled " The Tallarook Grazing Go.''

Sheep Killed in Transit.

Messrs Fagan Bros of Breakfast Creek and Mandurama landed a train load of sheep at Wattamondara recently Fix this textabout 1600 in all.

When untrucking operation began began about 200 were found to-be dead a very sorry loss indeed.

Apparently the jolting of the train on route caused them to fall on top of each other.

A section of the front page of the Cowra Free Press on July 28, 1920.

A section of the front page of the Cowra Free Press on July 28, 1920.

Gowra Soldiers Club

First Meeting of the New Gommittee

The first meeting of the newly elected committee took place on Tuesday evening, Cmrade D. J. Toovoy (President) being in the chair.

It was decided to approach the Committee of the Literary Institute with a view to having a fence erected around the buildings of that body and the Club. In the event of arFix this textrangements being come to it is in tended to plant lawn and shrubs in front of the building and also install the Memorial Gun there.

Comrade C Marks was unanimously elected Secretary. It was reported that a "Bobs" 'table has now been installed for the use of members. A Basket Social is to be held in about a fortnight's time, to which members will be privileged to invite their friends.

The members of the new committee seemed eager for work and it is quite evident they intend to put their shoulders to the wheel in regard to all questions which effect the welfare of their Comrades and themselves.

Visit of Cowra Students.

Cowra students (girls and boys) had a good day at Young on Saturday.

The girls came by the mail train on Friday evening, but the boys found that travelling by a goods train is no sure thing if one builds on reaching any particular spot on time.

They left Cowra at 7 a.m. on Saturday in break vans and got to Koorawatha all right but there the engine went on strike and they had to remain till another 'goods'' came along at about midday. They made the best of things, however by going out and viewing the falls, and succeeded in reaching Young just about 1 p.m.

During their stay both boys and girls Fix this textwere the guests of various of the District School students, who took them to their homes. Afternoon tea was served at the school on Saturday and at night they were taken to the pictures as guests of the students. They then left by the 11 o'clock train for home. The girls were accompanied by Miss Evins and the boys by Mr. Shearman.

R.S. and S. Ball at Woodstock.

The Woodstock sub-branch of the R.S. & S.L. League held a most successful Ball in Cooley's Hall, Woodstock, on Wednesday night last when upwards of 70 couples attended. The hall was nicely decorated and looked very pretty.

The music (which was donated by Mr. D. Glasson) was supplied by Mr. A. Wale (Cowra) and was much appreciated by all. extras were played by Miss B. Mackie and Miss Clarke The catering was in Fix this textthe hands of the ladies of Woodstock and great praise is due to those ladies who ably assisted and endeavoured to make the function a success. It is estimated that the League will benefit to the extent of about £24.

Enlisted Eight Times.

At the Welcome Home to Returned Soldiers on Monday evening last Ald. Todhunter, in referring to the Returned Soldiers assembled mentioned that Private Woods, who was Fix this textwith them that evening, had only succeeded in "joining the colors" at his eighth attempt.

Pte Woods, who is a Cowra native, is at present spending a holiday with his uncle, Mr. J. Hill, of West Cowra.