Woodstock Show goes digital with online market laneway

Look out cyberspace because the Woodstock Memorial Show's market laneway is heading your way.

Having been forced to cancel the show in its "traditional format" due to the uncertainty surrounding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing restrictions, the show's committee has decided to implement a virtual market laneway for all its stallholders.

Woodstock Show Secretary, Alison Rutledge, said the idea allowed the committee to reciprocate the support stallholders had given them in the past.

"What we're going to try and do for our whole show is repay the support from both our sponsors and market laneway stallholders we've had in the past," she said.

"What we are advocating is 'you've given us something but if we can help you in any small way, we will'.

"It was one thing to have the drought but this is now another kick in the belly for a lot of people so we are just trying to pay back the support people have given us," she said.

Mrs Rutledge said the virtual market laneway was a way the show could send traffic through to their supporters.

"There's no fee to be included, it's our way of saying 'you've helped us so now it's about helping you'," she said.

"The virtual market laneway will appear on our new website, every stall that's supported us in the past and any that would like to commit to a 2021 booking will appear.

"We will then promote them extensively prior to our normal show date on Instagram, Facebook and the new website.

"Then on what would have been the show day we'll publicise the laneway opening and direct people to the online stores of our stall holders.

"Some of the stallholders are even offering discounts, so if you shop on Father's Day via the virtual market laneway, those discounts will apply to your purchase.

"We're also doing a similar page for our sponsors, particularly any sponsor that donates over $100, their logos will appear on a page and link to their online stores."

Mrs Rutledge said the market laneway was major part of the show.

"There were around 4000 people who attended the show last year and they are all fed through the laneway," she said.

"The laneway will be considerably larger next year because we've received some government funding to do some infrastructure works.

"Last year we were sitting around 30 stallholders but we'd have the scope to fit another 20 and link the showground better.

"The cattle will be relocated to make more room, you'll follow the laneway down, it will link with the lambs, the cattle and come back around."