Calls for coaches and volunteers as Blues bolstered for 2020 season

Cowra Blues President, Chris Day, says the club is looking forward getting back on the park with the 2020 AFL Central West (AFLCW) season having been given the green light to get under way.

Easing COVID-19 restrictions have allowed senior sports clubs to return to training from July 1, with a shortened AFL season set to start on July 18.

Day said the Blues were still aiming to play in the second tier competition this year but an increased roster of players from other codes had the club thinking about competing in the first tier.

"They're (AFLCW) still going ahead with the second tier and at this stage we're still looking there," he said.

"But we're looking at our numbers and whether we'd be able to compete in the first tier.

"It's still pretty early days and we are still finalising numbers, but it looks like we've pick up a few players in both the men's and the ladies from different codes.

"Not only will that boost numbers but should boost quality which will be good," he said.

Day said he and the other players were keen to hot the field but club's tier decision would depend on what the league had planned for the season.

"It's still a work in progress but at this stage I expect we'll play second tier," he said.

"But we're keen to get out their and have a run around, same as a lot of people, we haven't got out and about lately.

"It will be good to get back on the field and have a kick."

He said a shorter season had made the competition attractive to more players.

"For me personally an eight, nine week season is pretty good," he said.

"In and out, short and sharp, with not too many dramas. It's just one of those things we've got to make it work.

"We've also had a few players that haven't played the last couple of years that have regained a bit of interest, the shorter season helps, it's not too much of a commitment.

"I think that's one of the main reasons AFL NSW/ACT as pushed so hard to get comps up and running this year, the extra interest we're going to get from players that haven't played before.

"Maybe they've played other sports, they may not have, maybe they just want to get out and do something."

Day said he was looking forward to seeing how competitive the club would be.

"I wouldn't say a power house, but we always do our best to take it to the other sides," he said.

"It doesn't always show on the scoreboard, but we like to think we always compete and dig in hard.

"I suppose being tier two we should be more competitive than say last year.

"It'll really help the younger, more inexperienced players be more competitive in games.

"They are keen to get out and have a run so it will be good to unleash them and see where we end up."

He said with the lack of other codes playing now was fantastic time for the community to be involved with the club.

"We're always after volunteers. If anyone usually goes down to the footy or are looking for something on the weekend, we always have jobs to do," he said.

"I think the best part of footy clubs is just being in and around the club, whether it's helping out on game day or attending social events.

"So if anyone is interested and they feel like they've been stuck at home, we're more than willing to find something for them, many hands make light work."

He said coaching roles was one area the club was particularly interested in finding volunteers.

"We're still searching for junior coaches, under 17s is one we've really been pushing for.

"It's one AFL NSW/ACT has also been pushing, so we have a sort of job opportunity available.

"There are a few requirements for the role which are posted on our Facebook page but AFL NSW/ACT has come on board and offered a fixed honorarium of $750 to the appointed under 17s coach.

"We really are pushing for that coach, so there will be a monetary reward for the successful applicant," he said