Vandals target Nature Based Adventure Playground

Clockwise from left - signage that has been knocked down; the playground and; skid marks left on grass nearby.
Clockwise from left - signage that has been knocked down; the playground and; skid marks left on grass nearby.

Cowra's Nature Based Adventure Playground has become the latest target of vandals following reports of similar acts on local sporting fields and grounds prompting the playground's committee to call for community policing of the area.

In a post on the playground's social media account the committee called on the community to report all behaviour it believes is not in the best interest of the community.

"As this community project draws to an end we are calling on our community to report all behaviour they believe is not in the best interest of this community space including vandalism, destruction, vehicles travelling at high speed, etc," the committee said.

"We have been challenged, saddened and disappointed with what has occurred to date. New garden beds destroyed, flying fox tampered with and left lying on the ground, signage kicked over, rocks/boulders thrown down slides and the list goes on."

The committee provided a link on its account to report anti-social behaviour.

Officer in Charge of Cowra Police, Inspector Adam Beard said investigations into the incidents at the playground, on sporting fields and grounds were ongoing.

"There has been a report of damage to some local sporting fields," Inspector Beard said.

"It has amounted to some significant damage to the playing surfaces which will require substantial monetary cost and time to recover.

"This has caused considerable outcry from the community, police have received some valuable information from the public concerning those who may be responsible and we are working hard at building that evidence."

Inspector Beard encouraged anyone with further information to come forward.

"We'd encourage any further information the public may have to be relayed to police either via Cowra Police or Crime Stoppers," he said.

"These areas are there for the use of the whole Cowra community and it is disappointing a handful of selfish and irresponsible individuals have effectively ruined those locations for the wider community.

"The community should be rightfully outraged by their actions and we hope that serves as a strong motivator for the public to come forward with information."