Council supports school zone proposal

Cowra Council has agreed to support a recommendation in a Transport for NSW (TfNSW) draft report to the Cowra Traffic Committee for the removal of the school zone on Redfern Street.

The committee recommended council support the TfNSW proposal to reinstate a 50km/h zone and reposition the school zone's flashing lights from Redfern Street to Dowell Street.

Councillor Bruce Miller said the reinstatement of the 50km/h zone, on the boundary of Cowra High School, had been a long time coming.

"This is something that has been in play for the last couple of years, it has been a difficult one to get through," he said.

"But council needs to understand that all we can recommend from the traffic committee to the council, and hopefully the council adopts it, is that we can support the recommendation."

He said that if the recommendation was adopted it wouldn't be council that had the final say on the project.

"It would need to get back and go through the process again, but hopefully this is the recommendation that will be supported by TfNSW, so we can bring this agenda item to a close after all of this time," he said.

"Just at the risk of repeating myself council needs to understand we're supporting a recommendation but it's not our decision to take."

Cr Ray Walsh agreed with Cr Miller saying he was delighted to see it was happening and that "it's much more appropriate the flashing lights be in Dowell Street".

In passing the recommendation, Council also approved for the existing bus zone in Logan Court to be removed and extension of the existing loading zone and approved the special event to be held by Cowra Show Society on October 16 to 17 subject to compliance with the requirements of TfNSW and NSW Police.