"School yard" type behaviour lands woman in court

A violent attack outside a supermarket has resulted in a Cowra woman receiving a Community Corrections Order at Cowra Local Court.

Kirby Anne Reid, 32, of Dowell Street was before the court charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

According to the police facts, around 12.41pm on February 5, 2020, the victim was seen on CCTV entering a local supermarket.

At 12.43pm, the footage showed Reid standing against a row of trolleys outside the supermarket.

At 12.47pm, the victim then exited the supermarket and was approached by Reid.

Reid then started yelling and walking alongside the victim before punching them in the right side of the face.

This caused the victim to fall to the ground.

The punch also resulted in the victim inadvertently biting the inside of their right cheek, causing a small laceration which bled for a short time.

As the victim's head hit the floor, their earring also caused part of their ear to bleed.

Reid then left the scene.

At 3pm that same day, the victim was interviewed by police and photographs were taken of their injuries.

Reid's solicitor, Mr Rump, told the court his client could see the error in her ways.

"She has an insight into the offending, she acknowledges how she should have dealt with it," he said.

"She regrets her actions, she expresses remorse... She's trying to better herself, she realises she needs to get herself sorted out."

Mr Rump also noted Reid's criminal history, saying her "record is primarily concerned with minor drug possession charges".

"She has a limited record with matters of violence," he said.

However Magistrate Michael O'Brien said Reid had been before the court on four previous occasions - in 2008, 2012, 2014 and 2017 - for violent matters.

"You've been held to account on more than occasions than you should, you know better than that," he said.

"This is behaviour you would expect in the school yard.

"You need to stop and think.

"Fisticuffs in a supermarket, it's a disgrace, there should be alarm bells ringing in your head."

Magistrate O'Brien warned Reid that she may end with a different result should she continue to offend and appear in front of a court.

"You live in a community which is governed by rules... You're not behaving like a civilised adult," he said.

"Learn from your mistakes and do something about it, this is not a revolving door."

Reid received a CCO for 12 months, and was ordered to abstain from illicit drugs.

As part of the orders, Reid must also engage with all alcohol and drug counselling.