Cowra High reflection garden one step closer to completion

Aunty Robyn Coffey in Dadarri Place at Cowra High School.
Aunty Robyn Coffey in Dadarri Place at Cowra High School.

It's been a focal point at Cowra High School for the past four years and now Dadirri Place is one step closer to completion.

Dadirri Place is a cultural reflection garden which was established at the school in 2016.

Cowra High School Aboriginal Community Liaison Officer, Aunty Robyn Coffey, said the space is ideal for any students who need some calm or comfort at school.

"Kids can sit down if their anxious or upset, they can sit and reflect," she said.

"It beings a sense of comfort, it makes me feel good. It's also about connecting back with nature."

Mrs Coffey said the pavers which curve around the garden are designed to help students work through any negative thoughts or feelings they may be experiencing.

"They walk around and come out the other side able to cope," she said.

With the plants and other features of the garden now well established, the final piece of the puzzle is painting the railing around the garden, which is set to be completed in the near future.

Cowra High School would like to thank Bunnings Cowra for their assistance with painting.