Zig Zag women fold for the 2020 premier league hockey season

Janna Winnard

Janna Winnard

Lithgow Zig Zag has withdrawn from Premier League Hockey after a lack of numbers and a struggle to commit left the club unable to field a team for the 2020 competition.

The black, white and blues were unable to keep a lot of players due to a change in work and personal situations, according to Zig Zag women's president Janna Winnard.

"There were a few contributing factors to the folding of the team. We had a lot of girls unable to commit and some who were after a change.

"The interest was there but then again commitment was an issue, we travel every second weekend and some of our girls had children and some were young so it was difficult at times." she said.

Winnard said a few women decided to play for another association which also led to a downfall in numbers.

"Other towns have picked up some of our girls and I thank them all for accommodating us," she said.

"[Playing for another association] is a great learning opportunity for some of our girls, with our numbers not always being high most girls always got game time so having to work for a spot in these other teams will make these girls better players," she said.

Winnard said she was sad to see some girls leave but she wished them all the best.

"Every player should have the opportunity to play the sport they love and because our club is a family club we want all our girls to continue playing wherever that is that makes them happy," she said.

She said Zig Zag had always struggled with numbers but the 2019 season was their best year and it showed on the turf.

"We had a great coach which the girls loved and our skill level increased and our overall performance improved. Yes it's sad that Zig Zag haven't entered a women's premier team but we ended last year on a high."

Winnard said it wasn't the coronavirus outbreak that had an affect on the folding of the team, however she was concerned about the stress the virus was putting on all clubs.

"There is stress on all clubs as far as sponsorship and training and all that goes with hockey."

Despite the collapse of the women's team and a few leaving players, Winnard said she would remain supporting the club.

"I bleed black, white and blue, this club means the world to me," she said.