Matthew Dun sets two new records during Cowra swimming titles

Cowra swimmer Matthew Dun was the star of the 2019-20 Cowra Swimming Club championships setting two new records during the course of the championships.

The 17-year-old set new benchmarks in the 17 years and over 50 metre freestyle and the 17 years and over 50 metre butterfly events.

In the 50 metre freestyle he set a new time of 27.06 bettering the previous championship record of 27.23.

His new time of 30.03 seconds in the 50 metres butterfly was .09 of a second quicker than the previous record of 30.12.

Congratulations to the following Championship trophy winners.

8 Years & Under Girls

1st Place: Skye Fagan.

2nd Place: Eve Casey.

8 Years & Under Boys

1st Place: Finn Sheehy.

2nd Place: Darcy Eaton.

3rd Place: Toby Killick.

9 Years Girls

1st Place: Emma Tremble.

2nd: Holly Peterson.

3rd Place: Willo Muddle.

9 Years Boys

1st Place: Tom Casey.

2nd Place: Will Scammell.

3rd Place: Harry Kilby.

10 Years Girls

1st Place: Holly Fagan.

2nd Place: Lola Eaton.

10 Years Boys

1st Place: Lawson Wood

2nd Place: Leuwin McGill.

3rd Place: Oscar McGill.

11 Years Girls

1st Place: Pyper Muddle.

2nd Place: Felicity Smith.

3rd Place: Georgina Mccouat.

11 Years Boys

1st Place: Hugh Williams.

2nd Place: Jock Casey.

3rd Place: Rylee Frazer.

12 Years Girls

1st Place: Kate Proctor.

2nd Plac : Imogen Ousby.

3rd Place: Zoe McKay.

12 Years Boys

1st Place: Charlie Peterson.

2nd Place: Samson Miller.

13 Years Girls

1st Place: Laura Price.

2nd Place: Ella Kilby.

3rd Place: Lecksi Killick.

13 Years Boys

1st Place: Kyan Heidke.

2nd Place: Charlie Graham.

3rd Place: Beau Smith.

14 Years Girls

1st Place: Jada Buchanan.

2nd Place: Mia Hudson.

14 Years Boys

1st Place: Eoghan Killick.

15 Years Boys

1st Place: Zac Olbourne.

2nd Place: Rielly Collins.

16 Years Boys

1st Place: Patrick Dun.

2nd Place: Samuel Dun.

17 Years Girls

1st Place: Kate Price.

2nd Place: Bree Smith.

3rd Place: Lucy Sutherland.

17 Years Boys

1st Place: Matthew Dun.

Congratulations to the following perpetual trophy winners.

Brian Lynch - Coaches Choice Junior Winner - Michael Hayes.

Bob Hilton - Coaches Choice Senior Winner - Zac Olbourne.

Chris Rowston - Encouragement Award 10 Yrs & Under Girl Winner - Skye Fagan.

Ray Mackie - Encouragement Award 10 Years & Under Boy Winner - Tom Casey.

Charles Lindeman - Encouragement Award 11/12 Years Boy Winner - Jock Casey.

Charles Lindeman - Encouragement Award 11/12 Years Girl Winner - Imogen Ousby.

Pat Charnock - Encouragement Award Winner 13 Years & Over Boy Winner - Kyan Heidke.

Pat Charnock - Encouragement Award Winner 13 Years & Over Girl Winner - Ella Kilby.

Linda Barron - Female Newcomer Girl Award Winner - Ruby Moriarty.

Della Toohey - Male Newcomer Award Winner - Finn Sheehy.

The Dawson Family - Most Improved Backstroke Boy Winner - Lawson Wood.

Clive Mitchell - Most Improved Breastroke Girl Winner - Eve Casey.

The Charnock Family - Most Improved Butterfly Girl Winner - Imogen Ousby.

Wayne Lynch - Most Improved Freestyle Boy Winner - Seth Crutch.

Congratulations to the following new 25 metre swimmers Liam Doolan, Connor Frazer, Ivy Mason, Ruby Moriarty, Angus Ousby and Harrison Sheehy.

The new 50 Metre Swimmers are Eve Casey, Riley Collins, Evah Heidke, Kyan Heidke, Harry Kilby, Ruby Lazanski, Ruby Russell, Phillipa Mccouat, William Scammell, Finn Sheehy and Sophie Scammell.

Eight Cowra swimmers received Australian Junior Excellence results for the season.

Eleven year-old Hugh Williams picked up a bronze award. Blue awards were presented to Emma Tremble (9), Holly Fagan (10), Imogen Ousby (12), Jemima Scammell (12), Kate Proctor (12), Jada Buchan (13) and Phoebe Smith (13).