Woman fined for damaging property

A 45-year-old Cowra woman has been fined $100 at Cowra Local Court.

Monica Rebecca Dixon of Bahloo Street was before the court charged with damaging property.

According to police facts, on February 23, Dixon and her victim were at their home when she became "narky" over the victim not having any cigarettes, which caused a number of arguments throughout the day.

Around 2pm, the victim told Dixon they were going to take a family member into town. Dixon then told the victim to leave the house and called police to assist in removing the victim.

The victim at first resisted but then started to take some property to a neighbour's property.

She then began throwing the victim's possessions from the verandah onto the front lawn, causing the legs on a small wooden coffee table to break and causing the glass from a number of picture frames to break and break their corner joints.

The victim then went to the neighbours and contacted police.

Police arrived and spoke to Dixon, who told police the victim had thrown their own property out the window saying they were, "psychotic and had been on a bender for the last few days".

Police then spoke to the victim, who was not under the influence of an intoxicating substance and was visibly upset their property had been broken.

A witness also confirmed Dixon had been throwing the victim's possessions out of the house.

While taking a statement, police observed Dixon throwing the victim's property onto the neighbour's lawn and arrested her.

Dixon's solicitor Mr Abraham told the court his client still claimed the victim had come home from a "bender".

"She was upset the victim had come home under the influence of drugs and decided to take matters into her own hands," he said.

"She tells me she's seen where drugs and alcohol leads and doesn't want it around her family."

In sentencing Magistrate Michael O'Brien said Dixon needed to learn that, "if you get into a conflict you need to exercise restraint".

"Damaging property doesn't prove a point it just aggravates the problem."