The battle goes on for brave Makenzie

From a simple trip to the fast lane at a local doctor's surgery to intensive chemotherapy treatments, it's been one tough battle for Koorawatha's Makenzie Hazelton.

The Mulyan Public School student has been undergoing treatment for T-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma at the Children's Hospital at Westmead for the past six months but her mum, Sarah Hazelton, said she has been been tackling cancer head on.

"So she has had dramas, setbacks and all the rest of it but she's going on track at the moment," she said.

"It's just been amazing to see, when we were first here, the doctors and nurses kept touching me going, 'it's ok Mum, kids are so resilient, you're in great hands' and I just thought, 'oh yeah, whatever,' but then yeah, looking back now and thinking oh my god, kids they just are so resilient."

On Friday, August 2 last year, Sarah took Makenzie to the doctors for what she thought was her appendix.

"The start of it was just crazy," Sarah said.

"The doctor said in the ultrasound, he thought the body made a mass around her appendix.

"When we were in Cowra emergency that night, they said it's much more serious than that, there is a massive tumour in her stomach, we are getting you to Orange.

"We were a bit freaked out about that, instantly you could see her belly getting bigger, especially after she ate."

When the family arrived in Orange, they received the news no parents want to hear.

"She had a CT scan and then that results come back at 2pm and they said they are getting a plane ready, getting us to Sydney because it looks like she's got T-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma which the tumour started in her chest first and gone down to her stomach," Sarah said.

"By Monday night, she was on breathing machines because she couldn't breathe, the tumours just struck that quickly."

After a tumultuous first week of draining fluid from her lungs and doses of steroids, Makenzie then began her cancer treatment.

"Each block of treatment is different," she said.

"[There's] different side effects, with some chemos she's not allowed to go anywhere because if she gets a temperature, we've got one hour to get her to hospital.

"Another chemotherapy, the side effects are sores in the mouth, right through to her bottom, and the sun, got to watch out for the sun."

While she has responded well to treatment, there have been a few scares for the family, including infections and the fear that the cancer had spread.

"They found another spot from the PET scan on her lower back, which they were preparing us for that is was cancer in the bone this time," Sarah said.

"She had to have a biopsy from a CT scan, but then we had to wait for those test results back and thank god it wasn't cancer, it was an inflammation infection and she had to be on antibiotics for."

Now it's an anxious wait for the family, who will find out what the future holds in March.

"She'll have another PET scan right at the end of March, so nervous for that but fingers cross, keeping positive... hopefully that's all clear," Sarah said.

In the meantime, Sarah said her family has been "overwhelmed" by the support of the Cowra community.

Makenzie even had the opportunity to visit her school friends on the last day of school last year.

"Little Wings was able to fly her home," Sarah said.

"The teachers were great, they didn't want her to go outside recess and lunch so the class stayed inside with her.

"I was waiting for a phone call to go and pick her up when she had had enough but it wasn't until 2.30pm, she lasted all day which was amazing, she loved it."

A number of local businesses and organisations have also held fundraisers to assist the family during Makenzie's treatment.

"Very grateful for all that money, we will be able to stay together, we'll still have all the mortgage and everything paid," she said.

"To be able to just forget about that for a few months and just concentrate on her.

"All the businesses that have supported us, we will never forget it. I don't know what we would have done to be quite honest without their help.I don't even know how to thank everybody."