Malmo Partnership takes out field wheat competition in central region

Angus Stanford.
Angus Stanford.

The Cowra Show Society has again conducted the 2019 ASC field wheat competition for the Central Region.

The Show Society coordinator, Ian Packer, said it was pleasing to get four entrants in such a trying year to make a competition.

"2019 started well but was very dry in last couple of months for the crops," he said.

"Despite this there was four entrants which had growing season rainfalls ranging from 130mm to 110mm after a promising start from December to March when there was a range of around 350mm to 290mm received.

"Another surprising aspect was the potential crop yields that were estimated when judged.

"It demonstrated that wheat breeding in Australia has addressed the drought tolerant aspects of the new varieties."

The main determinate of the final score is the yield estimate with little difference between entrants on the other judging criteria.

"This demonstrates the excellent crop and soil management practices being adopted by farmers in the Cowra region," Mr Packer said.

The winner this year was Malmo Partnership which is run by Brett Johnstone and Angus Stanford.

The crop was estimated to yield 4.9 tonnes per hectare.

Angus said the crop yielded around 5 tonne per hectare where the crop was judged.

Angus attended the State awards in Dubbo in January for the announcement of the state winners.

They placed third in the Central Region with the winner coming from Willow Tree.

The overall State winner was from Wallendbeen.

Angus said he enjoyed the night and met other growers from throughout the state.

The Cowra Show Society would like to thank Peter Wilson from Lachlan Fertilizers for again being the 2019 judge.

"He has been doing it now for a number of years and enjoys the day out despite everything being at full pace this time of the year," Mr Packer said.