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Our readers had their say on the water restriction levels across the central west:

Just because Cowra's water allocation is at 100% doesn't mean you shouldn't put up water restrictions. I'll laugh when you run out of water.

Beau McFawn

Have no clue what water restriction I'm on now was level 3 but have heard it's now 4 or 5 in GOOLOOGONG.

Deborah Taylor

Even though we aren't on water restrictions we are still mindful of how much water we use, our lawns and gardens ect are dead.

Melissa Jane

Melissa Jane I agree, MOST people are very conscious of water usage.

Lisa Crofty Mason

Why is Cowra not on water restrictions????

Kerry Beasley

Kerry Beasley COWRA gets water out of well beside the river, so the water storage level is irrelevant besides that, this has come up several times on here before and the story is the water usage actually goes up with water restrictions. Go figure.

David Partridge

I put our house on restrictions. Hope everyone else is being careful too.

Vera Sansum

Why aren't they?

Leanne Riley

Leanne Riley simple answer is the town is not using its allocation. The Dam at 11% is still a lot of water, was at 3% in 1983 and the town wasn't on restrictions. Fact is the town is aware of water restrictions and generally cut back on water usage, a self imposed restriction, but no water restrictions are required, so why put on restrictions when not needed.

Russell Denning