Midwest do damage with the ball to ensure a win against Cowra

Peter Guthrie (39) goes for a shot in Cowra's loss on Sunday afternoon. Photo: Ben Rodin
Peter Guthrie (39) goes for a shot in Cowra's loss on Sunday afternoon. Photo: Ben Rodin

Six catches, two run outs, and an opener bowled.

In many instances during Sunday afternoon's Western Zone defeat at Holman Oval, Cowra's batsmen made a start, got into the teens, in some cases the thirties, and then showed themselves the door.

For those that didn't manage to do that, it felt like they'd just jumped the gun, rushing through the pages of their script only to find out their ending was the same as the others.

Only Scott Wilson, given an LBW in the last dismissal of the day that ran counter to what came before it, could perhaps be left with the feeling that the bowler got one over him.

The sense of a missed opportunity compounded the 47 run loss - Cowra's second of the season - against a disciplined and patient Midwest team, who defended a modest 9/226 with strong fielding and generally consistent placement with the ball.

Late run outs to the experienced Ben Houghton and Chris Day underlined the particulars of what was a dirty day. The former managed to get run himself out on a free hit, while Day's straight lob stayed long enough in the air to allow for a straight forward direct hit on the bowler's stumps.

Speaking after the game, opener Jacob McNaught (12 runs), in for his first run for the year, acknowledged it was a frustrating day.

"[There were] a lot of starts with the bat, we probably should've gone on," McNaught said.

"It wasn't a bad wicket [and it's] actually a quick outfield compared to what it has been in previous years, so I think 220 was actually pretty par, if not enough.

"We just didn't really work with each other - create partnerships or anything like that - to really put it to them."

With the next Western Zone game not until December 8, McNaught said the positive out of the day was that there was plenty of time to work on the particulars that let Cowra down on Sunday.

"I think there's a few things that we'd like to work on, and come back a lot better, which I know we can do," McNaught said, adding, "We weren't really ourselves today.

"Batters work on their batting, bowlers work on their areas, and [if we] put it all together, I think we'll be a force."

Meanwhile, for Mudgee, skipper and opener Will Lindsay said his team wasn't getting carried away in their first win after a long time away from Western Zone cricket.

"Its probably the best part of four years since a Mudgee/Midwest team's been in a zone competition like this," Lindsay explained.

"This is the standard they've got to play and better on a regular basis."

After winning the toss and choosing to bat, Lindsay (42 runs) said that his side was confident in their total after fighting back late, thanks to half-century from Steve Knight, after sitting on 8/172 during the 44th over.

"We probably needed a few more runs... but after losing a clump there in the middle, to get to 226 was probably a good score," the skipper said, noting his side's consistency with the ball.

"We've got no bowlers who are going to blast anyone out, there's no thinking that we're going to run through some teams... That's the cricket we've got to play."

Midwest hosts Parkes at Gulgong in their next Western Zone fixture, also on December 8.