Woodstock ride delivers for the Lachlan Endurance Riders Club

Erica Allen, riding Waugoola Creek Onyx, was just one of the many riders who took part in the Woodstock Endurance Ride. Photos: Supplied
Erica Allen, riding Waugoola Creek Onyx, was just one of the many riders who took part in the Woodstock Endurance Ride. Photos: Supplied

The Lachlan Endurance Riders Club happily welcomed riders and horses back for a fun filled weekend at Woodstock over the weekend of September 14 and 15.

Congratulations to those successful and commiserations to those not, it was an enjoyable weekend from many accounts.

Our weekend kicked off with 23 entries in the Saturday 20km introductory ride, which was only added to the calendar in the lead up. It was well enjoyed by all who participated.

The 83km riders and horses started off nice and early at 4.30am on the Sunday, donned with helmet lights and torches as they set off to lessen their time in the heat of the day ahead.

A big & beautiful moon still graced the sky and it was said to be quite lovely to ride under but it was soon the amazing sunrise that took their attention away. 76 entries were taken.

The 42km distance was a hit with 58 entries participating. Riders and horses set off as the sun was just up at 6am to enjoy their Intermediate ride.

The 20km introductory ride on Sunday saw another 36 horses and riders head out the gate at 10am to enjoy the scenery around the wonderful district of Woodstock.

Prizes were awarded for first to third as well as for best conditioned horse in each division.

All completing received our Woodstock Endurance Ride buckle for the 83kms, a souvenir mug for the 42kms and a printed bag and pen for the 20kms.

Prize winners received horse rugs, tack bags or chairs screen printed or with embroidery; as well as all completions not winning a 1st-3rd prize, found themselves receiving a lucky dip of horse products as well.

Thanks go to our sponsors for these wonderful prizes above. We would like to acknowledge and respectfully ask readers to please support those who support our sport. Not for profit organisations rely heavily on the amazing generosity of sponsors and would find it difficult to succeed without their assistance.

Many thanks go to - Beecher Wool Services Cowra, Edinburgh Horse Rugs, Cowra Tyre and Brake Centre, Lachlan River Produce, Cowra Machinery Centre, Heartland Rural, Lachlan Engineering Service, Kintamani Arabians, Cowra Bus Service, Allan Gray & Co, LT 131 Pizza, Holmwood and Cowra Wreckers, JJ Dresser & Co, Greens automotives, French's Store Cowra, Ellis & Son Saddlers & Shoe Repairs. Hutcheon & Pearce and Windradyne Arabians.



  • Line Honours: Ben Hudson (Prince Emani Spa)


  • First: Ben Hudson (Prince Emani Spa)
  • Second: Sharyn Coulston (Castlebar Roulette)
  • Third: Bev Turner (Dane)
  • Best Conditioned Horse: Prince Emani Spa


  • First: Iain Paterson (Oso En Garde)
  • Second: Gavin Peacock (Chop Chop)
  • Third: Allan Caslick (A'Landell Jester)
  • Best Conditoned Horse: A'Landell Jester


  • First: Gertrude Norton (Scarlet Oaks Amica)
  • Second: Allix Jones (Shellal Kiwi)
  • Third: Marion Grove (Diamond R Carbo)
  • Best Conditioned Horse: Scarlet Oaks Amica


  • First: Emma Cole (Zanetta Spa)
  • Second: Maitlyn Mercieca (Henley Farm Fursan)
  • Third: Tahnaya Mercieca (Henley Farm Burosh)
  • Best Conditoned Horse: Zanetta Spa


  • Margaret Cole Memorial Award: Ruth Van der Wegen (Attallah Akita)

Thanks go to the Back Creek and Waugoola Fire Brigades for their constant, tireless efforts on running our communications and checkpoints over the weekend.

You all do an amazing job and we appreciate your time and dedication to supporting our ride.

We would like to thank our property owners for allowing us to ride through their country.

Without so many wonderful people willing to open their gates, the ride would not be possible and the riders and horses would not have so many beautiful places to enjoy.

Again thanks to everyone for coming along and supporting our ride, LERC will enjoy a break and hope to see all back to the area in March for the Bumbaldry Endurance Ride weekend.

Please look us up on Facebook to express interest or email woodstock.nswera@gmail.com for further details.