Morongla Show hailed a massive success

With a birthday cake, fun, games and plenty of guests through the gates, there was more than one reason to celebrate at this year's Morongla Show.

2019 marked 100 years of the event and Morongla Show President, David Langfield, hailed this year's show as the biggest ever.

"This is the biggest show we've ever had at Morongla," he said.

"Massive entries, just unbelievable the amount of people out here today as well."

While the Morongla Show was first held in 1918, the milestone is being celebrated this year due to the fact it has been cancelled twice - in 1919 due to the King Drought and 1993 because of wet weather conditions.

Mr Langfield said it was important, especially in tough times, that the Show not only continues, but grows each and every year.

"It's important thing for the little village of Morongla to be able to hold such a significant event for the district," he said.

"It feels very good that we can have all these people turn up and come and support us."

While the traditional activities such as the horse competitions and the Pavilion sections had plenty of strong support this year, a number of new events also attracted numbers.

And then there was the Sheef Toss.

"It's an event that was held up until the 1980s, we've finally found a group to be able to run it again for us," Mr Langfield said.

"People are very interested, they've never seen it before. I saw it when I was a kid."

The show was then officially opened by Dr Louise Baker before a tree, donated by Joy Dwight, was planted in honour of the occasion.

"Hopefully [it's been] a very successful show and hopefully it will continue for years to come," Mr Langfield said.