Cowra Men's Probus open up on depression and anxiety

Ben Kosmeier and Allan Vorias after the most recent Cowra Men's Probus meeting.
Ben Kosmeier and Allan Vorias after the most recent Cowra Men's Probus meeting.

At the Cowra Mens Probus meeting Col Davies was the speaker of the Member behind the Badge. He gave a very interesting talk about the different jobs he had worked in during his life.

Our Guest speaker was Pastor Ben Kosmeier from the Seventh-Day Adventist Church Young. He gave a very informative talk about depression and anxiety in retirement.

Many factors influence the risk of depression and anxiety and you need to identify and target the ones that you can change.

In doing this you need to always work with your health professional. Physical health and mental wellbeing are connected so if you are doing physical exercise, having ample time out in the sunshine every day, regularly eating a balanced diet, getting enough sleep and even drinking enough water can all affect our mood and energy levels. Having purpose is really important for mental wellbeing.

It gives you a reason to get up in the morning and makes your days feel meaningful. Engaging in purposeful activities that make you feel like you're contributing something to the world, whether that contribution is just for you, your family, friends, community or the broader population.

What counts as a purposeful activity will be different to everyone. Finding your purpose can be fun. Connection with others, including your family and friends, belonging to a club like Probus, with pets or with nature and fulfilling your spiritual needs is a vital part of the human experience.

Developing healthy relationships with others can decrease levels of anxiety and depression as well as improving self-esteem. Feeling safe, stable and secure is really important for your mental wellbeing. Mental health conditions such as anxiety or depression can affect anyone at any time.

It's important to know that these conditions are health conditions, like catching a cold, it is not a weakness or character flaw. The good news is they can be managed and treated by health professionals.

We have a full complement of 47 people going on the Tasmania cruise.

A mystery tour has been organised for the Wednesday, October 9, departing the Cowra bus depot at 8am sharp.

Cowra Mens Probus Club meet on the first Tuesday of each month. The next meeting is on October 1 at the Cowra Services Club at 10am.

Would you like to come along and listen to an interesting guest speaker while meeting people and having an enjoyable outing, then consider coming along to one of our meetings.

Any retirees are most welcome to attend.