Man admits his actions caused distress

A 54-year-old Cowra man has been given 12-month community corrections orders at Cowra Local Court.

Keith Wayne Collett of Cooyal Street was before the court charged with two counts of intimidation causing fear.

According to police facts around 6.39pm on August 30 the victim was at their residence with a witness when Collett arrived in the front yard and began to yell out.

The victim went to their balcony and recorded Collett yelling out a number of profanities and challenging the witness to a fight.

Collett then left the yard but remained of the street yelling abuse saying, "I'll take all of yous (sic) out". He also contacted the the victim via phone a number of times.

Police were contacted and arrived a short time later arresting Collett. When he was informed he was being charged with intimidation he told police, "I'm old school. Intimidation is nothing".

Collett's solicitor Mr Abraham told the court at the time his client had believed the victim had damaged his car.

"The calls were to give his thoughts about what the victim was doing and he realises it was wrong," he said.

"He and the victim had been friends in the past, he admits he has caused some distress but it's at the lower end of objective scale of seriousness," he said.

In sentencing, Magistrate Michael O'Brien said Collett's actions were "unsophisticated".

"We all go through life encountering people we like and people we don't like," he said.

"We need to conduct ourselves like civilized adults. This behaviour is unacceptable under any circumstances.

"If you want to make a property claim there is a way to go about solving it," he said.