Man refuses to identify driver to police

A 27-year-old Cowra man has been fined $200 at Cowra Local Court.

Jack Matthew Scott of Redfern Street was before the court charged with failing to give information leading to a drivers identification.

According to police facts a vehicle registered in Scott's name was involved in an accident at a local hotel on Saturday, April 27.

The vehicle was found with extensive damage to its front offside and damage done to signage and a steel pole owned by the hotel.

Around 7.20pm police attended Scott's residence to gather information on who the driver was.

When questioned Scott told police he didn't know who was driving the vehicle saying,"My car gets borrowed by lots of people, I leave the keys in it".

He also told police he was not prepared to tell police where the driver was.

Scott who represented himself at court said he was just going to take any sentence handed down.

"I didn't know who was driving so I'm just going to cop it," he said.

When questioned if he was still lending out the vehicle he told the court he no longer had the vehicle.