A history in education

Past and present students and teachers of Gooloogong Public School were joined by the wider community on Sunday to celebrate the facility's 150th anniversary.

The school, which opened in 1869, marked the occasion by hosting anniversary markets, opening the school's new community gardens and 125th anniversary time capsule.

Gooloogong Public School Principal, Mitchell Welham, said it was fantastic to be involved with such a significant event.

"Going through the history of Gooloogong Public School and Gooloogong itself has given me a real sense of just how great this community is," he said.

"Getting to talk to families that have had generations come through this school, talking to former principals and teachers that's probably the thing that has resonated with me. How much people are willing to give to this school and this community."

Cowra Mayor, Councillor Bill West, said the anniversary was a very important milestone to recognise.

"This is an incredible achievement, as we stand here and cast our minds back, there was a whole different world in which you grew up and it has changed dramatically.

Public education is one of those bastions of society that gives so much to everyone.

Principal Mitchell Welham

"But the one constant has been public education and clearly, in Gooloogong, 150 years of public education has made a wonderful contribution to the community.

"Many fine people have been through this school and have been rewarded and supported through that education system.

"The wonderful opportunity they have to educate the young mind is something we too quickly pass over or blame, I think it's important to acknowledge that for 150 years teachers have made a wonderful contribution to the school and community," he said.

Member for Cootamundra, Steph Cooke, followed that sentiment saying she was honoured to come and celebrate the 150th anniversary with the school's students.

"To the students here today thank you for making this school so wonderful, the teaching staff, the support staff and the broader community of Gooloogong that I love so much thank you," she said.

"You are so passionate, whether it's here at the school or the log cabin you are right behind it all the way which makes it easy for me to back you.

"Keep up the good work and congratulations on 150 years, I've got 78 schools in the electorate and this is the oldest one," she said.

Mr Welham thanked the Gooloogong Historical Society, Log Cabin Hall Committee, Moxey Dairy, the school's families, P&C, staff and his mum and dad for helping to make the day a success.

"It was a great experience to be told that you're stepping into 150 years of public education," he said.

"Public education is one of those bastions of society that gives so much to everyone. So I want to thank my mum and dad for instilling that love of public education in me," he said.

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