Junior Blues get ready for double flag tilt in the AFLCW

There's more than 55 years of Cowra Blues playing experience between the two of them, but Frank Bright and Marc Hyland are both hoping their knowledge and experience can help guide the next generation of Blues through to back-to-back premiership this weekend.

Bright and Hyland, who coached the under 12s and 14s respectively to a premiership last year, believe there are different reasons behind the success of their teams this year.

"It just seems like the kids are a lot closer this year," Bright said of his under 12s group.

"When you start to play start to play football with the same people continuously for a few years you start to get a bit more cohesion among each other."

"I think this year, just the mateship, the fun and the laughter side of things is a bit more there than it was there last year."

For Hyland and his 14s group, who will take on the Orange Tigers this Sunday, instilling a focus on what he calls "one percenters" has been key to the side's success this year.

"The main thing we've worked on is our aggressiveness and the physical side of football," Hyland said.

"I've always been a one-percent player, can't have everybody be a superstar... if everyone does the one percenters, it all adds up."

"I've been helping these kids work on their percent plays like their shepherds and bumps, the talk... the basics of all the football knowledge they need."

While the club, which is smaller in number than its counterparts from regional centres like Bathurst and Orange, has battled at times with numbers this year, several of its under 12s have stood up throughout the year and taken the next step with their footy, according to Hyland.

"Throughout the year, there's been a lot of times due to our short numbers as under 14s, that we've come close to forfeiting," Hyland explained.

"There's been a lot of under 12s that have stepped up to the age group above where they usually play, and not only have they stepped up and filled some spots in the team, they've actually excelled."

"It's been really great to see."

The ongoing success of the club's juniors is something that Bright, whose under 12's will take on Dubbo, is also heartened by.

"We have the best juniors around; I have no doubt about that," Bright said.

"If we can just keep chipping away slowly I think it does bode well for the future... we've got some kids that can really, really take this club down the track a long way.

"That's the one thing we've got to be mindful of and keep working towards."

With both men premiership players who are renowned for their competitive natures on the field, they said that the advice they would providing for their junior players would be fairly straight forward.

"You take pressure off the kids, you say, 'The hard work's done, you're here,'" Hyland said.

"'You need to go out and there and enjoy it.'"

The need to enjoy the day is a sentiment shared by Bright, who jokingly admitted that sometimes he has to "rein myself in" for his group of 10 to 12 year olds.

"In all honesty, we're already winners... To be a club as small as we are, and to lose 11 players out of last year's under 12 team, and to play in another grand final now, it's massive," Bright said.

"Obviously I want to win, but at the end of the day, I'm just so proud of this group of kids; we face adversity, we've been short on numbers and we just turn it around [and] here we are, [we] get a chance to possibly win another grand final."

The under 12s and 14s Blues will be playing at George Park this Sunday.