Service to celebrate a valuable community

Dedicated: Cec and Libby Balcombe volunteer at CGMOW and also enjoy community lunches and the occasional healthy frozen meal.
Dedicated: Cec and Libby Balcombe volunteer at CGMOW and also enjoy community lunches and the occasional healthy frozen meal.

This is a service which many would declare truly deserves acclamation.

And the Cowra part of Cowra/Grenfell Meals on Wheels (CGMOW) certainly has cause for celebration.

Devoted staff and volunteers are commemorating 60 years of dedicated service within the community.

Six decades of loyal and tireless community service will be acknowledged through two special events later this month.

National Meals on Wheels day combined with 60th birthday celebrations will take place on Wednesday, August 28th at at the Cowra Bowling Club.

Celebrations will continue with a Bushdance also at the Cowra Services Club on Saturday, August 31 at 6pm - 10.30pm.

"This much loved, valuable service has been supplying Cowra and surrounds with healthy meals, food options, smiles and monitoring of well being since 1959," said service manager Denise Makin.

Denise said that CGMOW had also provided many rewarding volunteer opportunities in that time.

Recognising a community need for the provision of nutritional meals, Meals on Wheels began in Cowra in the 1950s as a meal service provided by the newly formed Old Peoples Welfare Committee.

In 1962, Grenfell began a Meals on Wheels service amalgamating with the Cowra branch in 1994 in order to receive recurrent funding and to employ a co-ordinator.

It is now one of the largest and most recognised community services in the area covering over 6000 square kilometres with its head office in Vaux Street.

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CGMOW supplies more than 42,000 meals per year both hot and frozen, including meals for regular community luncheons.

"It provides many meal options to people throughout our communities and enables them to live independently and safely in their own homes," said Denise.

This, according to Denise, ensures that vulnerable and isolated clients have nutrition, autonomy in the home and social interaction within the community.

"Meals on Wheels is 'more than just a meal', providing many different support services, friendly contact, monitoring of people's well being, many volunteering opportunities, community spirit and connects our community as a whole."

As well as staff and volunteers, members for the wider community are also involved with local food services and eateries supplying meals.

"It's a community effort, I can't thank our supporters enough," Denise said.

For more information, ph 6342 4165 or visit the website: