Gooloogong's Mixed Nuts raise funds for brain cancer research

The Gooloogong Mixed Nuts group is gearing up for their fundraising garage sale.
The Gooloogong Mixed Nuts group is gearing up for their fundraising garage sale.

On Saturday, August 17, Gooloogong's Mixed Nuts will be holding a fundraiser for the Charlie Teo Foundation to support research for brain cancer.

The fundraiser will be held from 9am - 2pm at the Gooloogong Hotel and will consist of a sausage sizzle and garage sale.

Mixed Nut member, Sandy Smith, said the reason the group chose the foundation was to raise awareness of brain cancer.

"This year, we've decided we'll have a garage sale and pass the money on for brain cancer research," she said.

"One of the reasons we chose this foundation is 95 per cent of the funding goes toward research instead of administration costs and there was family connection within our group (to the foundation).

"It was also to the forefront that brain cancer is one of the least funded research areas."

Mrs Smith said Mixed Nuts is run by and for isolated, local, rural women and an important aspect of the group was offering support to individual members.

She said during craft time or during personal time, individuals shared stories of events which are significantly impacting their lives.

Mrs Smith said the group aims to hold fundraisers every year for different causes, and often participate in or run community events.

"People have been really good as soon as they find out (we are fundraising), we've been donated furniture, household goods, we've got cupboards, tables, beds, some brand new clothes still with tags on and baby goods," she said.

"Judy (Murray) and I have grown a heap of plants so we'll have lots of plants on the day."

Mrs Smith said clearing for the garage sale had been a soul-cleansing exercise if people wanted to donate.

The Mixed Nuts group thanked the Gooloogong Hotel's Sarah Windus for supplying them with storage space and a place to hold the sale. They also thanked her for hosting a sausage sizzle at the event with the sales going towards their fundraising.

Anyone interested in donating or joining the group they can ring Sandy Smith on 6344 8454 or Judy Murray on 6341 2656.