Man tells police "butterfly" knife was for gardening

A 40-year-old Cowra man has been given a 12-month community corrections order at Cowra Local Court on Wednesday, June 19.

Joseph Paul Doolan of Back Street was before the court charged with possession of a prohibited weapon without a permit and contravening a prohibition in an AVO.

According to police facts on April 5, Doolan was approached by his victim and asked to come to their residence.

Doolan, who had been drinking, declined saying the AVO prevented him from being in the victim's company within 12 hours of drinking.

Around midnight, the victim called asking to be picked up and walked to a nearby friend's house. Doolan agreed and took the victim to the friend's house and ceased drinking when he arrived at the victim's house.

Around 1.40am on April 6, Doolan told the victim they should be leaving. This lead to an argument in which Doolan became verbally abusive. Police were called and Doolan left.

Around 2.20am police stopped Doolan nearby the friend's residence. Police spoke to Doolan and discovered he had a "butterfly knife" in his possession.

He told police he had owned the knife for about two months and used it for gardening, saying he had forgotten it was on him because he was drunk.

Doolan also admitted to drinking in the victim's presence, breaching his AVO.

In sentencing Doolan, Magistrate Michael O'Brien, said Doolan's actions had been foolish considering he knew an order applied to him.

"It seems this is a matter where you haven't actively sought out the victim but you have complied with their request and gone along with it," he said.

"While ever there is an order from the court preventing you from doing something you must comply with it.

"Even if the proposition to do something that breaches that order is given to you by the person named in the order.

"If there is a need to vary or revoke the order the only power that can do that is the court," he said.