Stolen cards used to buy alcohol and cigarettes

A 34-year-old Cowra man has been given a six-month intensive corrections order at Cowra Local Court on Wednesday, June 19.

Christopher Clayton Reid of White Horse Road was before the court, charged with goods in his personal custody suspected of being stolen.

According to police facts, Reid and a co-accused used the credit card of their victim to buy cigarettes and alcohol from a local bottle shop.

Around 12.30pm on Tuesday, February 12 the victim left a local club and realised their wallet was missing. The victim was unable to find it when they went looking in the club.

The victim was successful in cancelling two of their credit cards before they received an alert the third card had been used at a bottle shop.

The victim went to the shop where a witness gave them four receipts, two were for declined transactions and and the other two for alcohol and cigarettes.

The victim then informed police who took CCTV footage from the shop showing Reid and the co-accused buying a six pack of VB, a 10 pack of Jim Beam cans, a bottle of Jim Beam black label and a 30 pack of cigarettes.

Around 8.15pm on February 26, Reid attended the Cowra Police Station well affected by alcohol and questioned police about the co-accused before leaving.

In sentencing Reid, Magistrate Michael O'Brien, said Reid needed incentive and assistance in ending his offending behaviour.

"When taken but itself this offending is not the most serious," he said.

"But when taken into account with his previous bonds he's looking at an ICO. This may encourage him to persist with his supervision."

Reid also had two previous community corrections orders revoked and replaced with fresh community correction orders for 12 months.