"Tap and go" bottleshop trip leads to 12 month CRO at Cowra Local Court

It's a modern update on the age-old dilemma: What do you do when you find a lost wallet with multiple credit cards?

But for a 27-year-old Cowra woman, the decision to utilise the "tap and go" on one of the victim's multiple credit cards has led to a 12-month conditional release order.

Rebekah Anne Rose King, of Jindalee Circuit, pleaded guilty to dishonestly obtaining financial advantage or causing financial disadvantage at Cowra Local Court last month.

Magistrate Michael O'Brien said during sentencing it was displeasing to see someone alter their criminal history for an "opportunistic" crime.

King, alongside a co-accused, purchased just over $150 worth of alcohol and cigarettes from a local bottleshop on Tuesday, February 12.

"What is disappointing is that someone is willing to put their criminal history at risk for alcohol and cigarettes," the Magistrate said.

"You wouldn't want someone to use the limited resources you have for their benefit."

The victim lost their wallet after a late morning outing to use the poker machines at the Cowra Services Club, and upon exiting at 12.30pm, realised that they didn't have their wallet.

When going back into the club's gaming areas, they had no luck retrieving it, so subsequently went to cancel their cards - of which there were three active.

When cancelling the black Capital One card, bank employees revealed to the victim that money had been spent at the bottleshop.

After going to the police, CCTV footage from the bottleshop was retrieved that showed King purchasing a 10 pack of Jim Beam cans, while the co-accused also had a six pack of Victoria Bitter on hand.

After trying to use "tap and go" with the cancelled Commonwealth bank cards, the co-accused successfully used the Capital One card using the same method.

The co-accused then asked for a 30 pack of Longbeach Cigrarettes, while both King and the co-accused asked for a 700mL bottle of Jim Beam bourbon, which was sitting under the counter, with the purchase again being successful.

The wallet and its contents have not been found, with King asked to pay $75.75 (approximately half of the amount spent) in addition to her CRO.

"It's a great pity that people do not stop to think of the consequences of their behaviour," the Magistrate observed.