Cavalier driver loses licence at Cowra Local Court

A 33-year-old Cowra man has been fined $200, disqualified from driving for three months and given a 12-month interlock order at Cowra Local Court on Wednesday, May 8.

Thomas Daren McKay of Kite Street was before the court charged with two separate offences, driving a vehicle with an illicit drug present in his blood and driving with a special range PCA.

According to police facts around 10pm on August 16, 2018, police stopped McKay on Liverpool Street for a random breath and drug test.

While the breath test returned a negative reading, the drug test returned a positive result. A secondary oral fluid test at Cowra police station was positive to cannabis and meth.

In relation to his drug taking McKay told police, "I had a few cones about six hours ago."

McKay was also stopped by police around 9.30pm on December 5, 2018, who had noticed one of his tail lights wasn't working.

Asked if he had consumed alcohol, McKay told police he had just finished a beer. After a 15 minute period he was subjected to a roadside breath test which returned a positive reading.

A secondary breath analysis at the Cowra police station returned a reading of 0.034 grams of alcohol in 210 litres of breath. McKay told police he had drunk two cans of beer from 9.20pm to 9.30pm.

At the time McKay was the holder of a Class C, P1 provisional licence.

McKay's solicitor Clive Hill told the court his client was taking steps to address his alcohol and drug use.

In sentencing McKay, Magistrate Michael O'Brien said he had a long history of similar offending going back to 2003.

"He's driving on a provisional licence and knows he shouldn't have any alcohol in his system and yet with his history he still throws caution to the wind," he said.

"It's hard to understand why someone who needs their licence would put it in jeopardy.

"Without a licence in the regions it's very hard to get about, you seem to have a very cavalier attitude to your licence, it is a privilege you work hard to get.