The best in show on show in Woodstock

Deb Neumann with her Xoloitzcuintle, or Mexican Hairless Dog, Stark. Inset: Sharlene McLeish from Cowra Services Club presents Mrs Neumann with a donation

Deb Neumann with her Xoloitzcuintle, or Mexican Hairless Dog, Stark. Inset: Sharlene McLeish from Cowra Services Club presents Mrs Neumann with a donation

Small, large, black, white, brown, fluffy... and then there's Xoloitzcuintles.

More breeds of dog than you can shake a stick at will be featured at the Cowra and District Kennel Club's annual show on Saturday, May 25 at Woodstock Showground.

While Stark the rare Xoloitzcuintle (pronounced Show-Low-Eats-Qweent-Lee) or Mexican Hairless Dog, won't be shown this year, he has plenty of experience in the ring beside his owner, veteran dog shower and Club Secretary, Deb Neumann.

Mrs Neumann said she still enjoys showing dogs after 38 years of experience.

"I'm the first one in my family who got into dog shows, a lot of people are bred into it," she said.

"When I was younger... I used to get our Fox Terrier and just do things with the lead and walk and I really enjoyed doing it."

Mrs Neumann said she has been showing Stark for three years, along with a number of Chinese Cresteds. Previously she owned and showed short and long haired Weimaraners.

"They are just great companions, I love having them with me all the time."

She said there is a lot more to showing dogs than meets the eye and plenty of work goes into getting Stark ready for competition.

"First of all, you have to be feeding them good food... You gotta have the condition on your dogs, you gotta have the coats shiny," Mrs Neumann said.

"With the Xolo... to prepare him for the show I just clean up any hairs... just to give it a smoother look, he has a bath with hand mits and a special dog soap that I use on him.

"He gets moisturiser put on him two to three times a week.

"Because he's a hairless dog, the growth for your hair and skin... all goes to his nails, so his nails have to be done every week."

Then comes the fierce competition.

"The steward will call us in by our number... we'll go in and do a circle around the ring to the table, dog up on the table and we put it into a square stance," Mrs Neumann said.

"The judge will go over, check the bite and the teeth, look at the skull and the shape of the face... If they are happy with that, they will then say do a triangle or an out and back."

Mrs Neumann said there's a class for every kind of Pedigree, including a Neuter class this year, and encourages all dog enthusiasts to come and check out the Show.

"If someone's interested and would like to show, come to the dog shows, have a look around, talk to people," she said.

"I'm happy to teach the people who want to learn about it."

The Cowra and District Kennel Club would like to thank all the sponsors for their support:

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