Players celebrate a year of squash achievements

The Cowra Squash Club's presentation night was held on April 5, with players and their friends and family in attendance.

The club celebrated a successful year, with plenty of excellent achievements, with plenty of members completing successfully at regional tournaments in the wider Central West.

2018 Championship Winners:


A Grade

  • Winner - Jack Baker
  • Runner-Up - Mitchell Beer

B Grade

  • Winner - Adam Gunderson
  • Runner-Up - Thomas Baker

C Grade

  • Winner - John Terry
  • Runner-Up - John Robson

D Grade

  • Winner - Jason Lau
  • Runner-Up - Razal Shaji


A Grade

  • Winner - Monica Maguire
  • Runner-Up - Joanna Treasure

B Grade

  • Winner - Joanna Treasure
  • Runner-Up - Nicky Savage

C Grade

  • Winner - Raylene McLaughlin
  • Runner-Up - Sandra Uren

D Grade

  • Winner - Bianca Lyons
  • Runner-Up - Emma Robinson

2018 Competition Winners


  • Div 1: SOLINCO: Zane Southwell, Mitchell Dale, Joanna Treasure, Steph Wiegold
  • Div 2: NEW BALANCE: Pat Charnock, Trevor Rowston, Tish Peters, Joab Doolan


  • Div 1: SAVAGES: Mitchell Beer, Nicky Savage, Jason Lau, Lisa Nelson
  • Div 2: HOUGHTONS: Ben Houghton, Josh Bell, Louise Gresty, Del Mortyne


  • Div 1 CHINA: Zane Southwell, Dave Reay, Chris Day, Charlie Duclos
  • Div 2 FRANCE: Monica Maguire, Ricky Duclos, Emma Tree, Jill Dunk
  • Div 3 SPAIN: Ben Houghton, Josh Bell, Emma Tree, Mel Savva

2018 Club's Most Improved

  • Senior Player: Ben Houghton
  • Junior Player: Josh Anslow

However, the club is quickly turning attention to the winter portion of its year, with a grading evening for new players held yesterday evening, while competition is scheduled to start next Tuesday at 6pm, on May 21.

The squash club is based at the Cowra Services Club's courts, and in addition to running regular local tournaments and being part of inter-club events, is also running junior sessions at 5.30pm on Monday evenings.