Offender told to respect the rights of others

A 19-year-old Cowra man has been fined $200, given an 18 month supervised community correction order and ordered to abstain from alcohol for six months at Cowra Local Court.

Alex Keith Charles of Victor Street was before the court charged with damaging property and two counts of entering a vehicle without the owner's consent.

According to police facts around 11.20pm, September 28, 2018 Charles left a licensed premises in Young with his father after drinking with his family.

Walking along Main Street, Young, Charles and his father came to a parked car which he entered and attempted to start.

An argument developed between himself and his father. Hearing this the vehicle's owner came outside. Seeing Charles in the vehicle she contacted police.

You must respect the rights of others as they respect your rights

Magistrate Michael O'Brien

He then exited the vehicle and ran away. Police arrived and took a statement from the vehicle's owner.

Around 11.40pm Charles came across a parked ute in William Street, Young and attempted to gain entry by damaging the rear canopy window before approaching the passenger side window and smashing it.

He then entered the vehicle and attempted to start it, which caught the attention of the ute's owner.

The ute's owner and his son removed Charles from the vehicle notifying police and performing a citizen's arrest. Police then arrived and placed Charles under arrest.

Charles' ALS solicitor said his client was prone to impulsive crimes and his main criminogenic factor was alcohol use.

He told the court Charles hadn't had a drink since the offending and was trying to be a positive influence in his child's life.

Magistrate Michael O'Brien said Charles needed to appreciate he lived in a civilized society.

"You must respect the rights of others as they respect your rights," he said.

"This is unnecessary offending and sends the message that when you are given a bond your promises have no merit.

"Given your youth, I'll take no action on your breach of bond."