Drunk driver worried about family's welfare

Drunk driver worried about family's welfare

A 38-year-old Cowra man has been fined $300, given an initial disqualification of three months and an interlock order for 12 months at Cowra Local Court on Wednesday, April 17.

Peter Francis Hili of Jindalee Circuit was before the court charged with driving with a middle range PCA.

According to police facts, around 6.30pm on January 26 police stopped Hili in Lee Street for a random breath test, which returned a positive reading.

A secondary breath analysis at the Cowra Police station returned a reading of 0.113 grams of alcohol in 210L of breath. At the time of the stop Hili was travelling with a passenger and three children in the car.

Police observed his eyes to be glazed and bloodshot and could smell alcohol on his breath. In relation to his drinking Hili told police he had two stubbies of Pure Blond and 3 schooners of Carlton Draught between 12pm and 6.20pm.

Hili's solicitor Clive Hill told the court his client hadn't planned on driving on the day but an incident at a family fun day caused his client to drive his family home.

"His partner got into a scuffle and he thought it was in the best interests of his family and left the the fun day," he said.

"He's not a habitual drunken driver and thought getting the family out of the situation was more important than not driving.

"He hasn't been in trouble with the police since 2012, he's completed the traffic offenders program and has learnt more about how long alcohol takes to get through the system and the consequences to himself and the community when people drink and drive."

In sentencing Hili Magistrate Michael O'Brien said the good news from the incident was that no one was killed or injured.

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