Pride restored in halls at Woodstock

The new kitchens at Woodstock's CWA hall and Soldiers Memorial Hall have been given a workout in recent weeks, hosting a CWA morning tea for Member for Cootamundra Steph Cooke.

Ms Cooke said she was absolutely thrilled to see the completed kitchens which had been funded by state government grants.

"The CWA ladies were using this kitchen and doing their very best," she said.

"But they had a problem with mice, the damage and the wear and tear that comes with a facility that's been used day in day out for decades. It was obvious a new kitchen was needed.

"So to see them successful with the funding application and see the work completed, I'm absolutely thrilled," she said.

Ms Cooke said while the $10,656 Community Building Partnership Grant for the CWA hall and the $153,055 Stronger Country Communities grant for the Soldiers Memorial Hall were significant sums, they returned a tenfold investment in benefits to the community.

"It restores the sense of pride these ladies have in their rooms and creates it for the next generation of women coming through to keep flying that flag," she said.

"As for the hall we are a third of the way through painting, we have air conditioning, fans and curtains to come and that will set it up for generations to come.

"Halls require significant investment over time, funds that cannot be raised with barbecues and lamington drives," she said.

President of the Woodstock CWA Ann Graham said the renovations had already given them roaring success at the Festival of Small Halls and the Woodstock Anzac Day ceremony.

"The kitchen in the hall was built around 1956 and the CWA kitchen was the building's original, which was built around the 1930s. So it certainly was due for a renovation," she said.

"Steph Cooke has been really good, a great help to us and it's much appreciated by the community it really is.

"The improvements make them more user-friendly and as they finish we feel we can advertise them to hire.

"The condition they were in before, we felt we couldn't do that. So it's pleasing to see both the old girls done up."

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