Drone idea takes off at the Cowra PCYC

Isabella Scammell, Pat Hickman and Alex Brown have work hard developing the drone workshop for PCYC.
Isabella Scammell, Pat Hickman and Alex Brown have work hard developing the drone workshop for PCYC.

Three Kinross Wolaroi students from Cowra have made their mark on Police and Community Youth Clubs (PCYC) across the Central West and the state by designing a new drone development workshop for Cowra's club.

Students Isabella Scammell, Pat Hickman and Alex Brown had been attending the club as part of co-curricular activities supporting charities.

Club manager Stewart Mead said the students had helped in a number of club programs but had the ability to contribute more.

"What I've done is get them to sit down and do a business plan for a drone workshop and what's involved in that," he said.

"I gave them a brief and business plan template and they've worked through that themselves. They've spoken to suppliers, done market research, worked out the financials, designed how the workshop will run, focusing on safety, legislative rules around drones and an itinerary for the day.

"This proposal can be scaled across the Central west and the state so rather then each PCYC doing their own thing, this can be a black box for them.

"If they want to run this program they can say, here's the instructions, here's our marketing plan," he said.

The students said it was exciting to know their work could impact on other children across the state.

"It's taken a long time and planning, we have a bigger appreciation of what the PCYC does for kids," Isabella said.

"It's exciting and pretty cool."

"It's weird because I used to do a programs here like boxing," Alex said.

"So it's cool coming back and developing a program."

Mr Mead said the work of the students had the potential to change someone's life and the club would now look at implementing their program in the July holidays.

"The student's week is over now, but they have done their bit. Somebody else can now come in and see it's clearly documented what to do," he said.

"Our aim now is to have 100 people come here and take part in the workshop, we'll look to have 10 volunteers come in and deliver the program."

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