"Enjoy what you have": Joan Gay celebrates 105th birthday

While possibly holding the record for the eldest Cowra resident, Joan Gay celebrated her 105th birthday on Wednesday, March 20, surrounded by friends and family.

Speaking to those gathered Mrs Gay said she wasn't sure what make of the event.

"I really don't know what to say, you are all so wonderful to turn up for my birthday," she said.

"It's just natural of this place to do wonderful things for you, we have every attention here and it means we have nothing to grumble about.

"I've made some wonderful friends here and it's a great place to be, one of main people I want to address in Vanessa, she makes us very happy and gives us wonderful days on our birthdays.

"They are always a wonderful success thanks to you," she said.

Mrs Gay said their wasn't much advice she could give when it comes to reaching 105 years old.

"Just to lead a good healthy life is all I can recommend," she said. 

"There's nothing you can do but enjoy what you have."

She also said the most interesting thing she had seen in her lifetime was the way the Australian community acted during large sporting events.

"The behavior of people at big sporting arenas, there seems to be so much unpleasant behavior and it's not a good example to our young people."

Mrs Gay's son Barry said his mother had seen a lot in her 105 years.

"She told a story the other day about her first ride in a motorcar," he said.

"She lived about 10 kilometres outside of Harden and she cried all the way because she was so terrified. She has certainly seen a lot in this world."

Bilyara Board Chairman Ian Donges was on hand to wish Mrs Gay a happy birthday, saying it was fantastic to see her doing well at the village.

"What an achievement, it's great to be part of the celebration and seeing a great family here to celebrate," he said.

"Of the top of my head I'm not sure of any other Cowra resident that's turned 105. 

"Even to get to 100 is a pretty rare event and we've now got four residents over 100. It's (Joan's birthday) the biggest turnout for an event we've had for quite a while, so it says a lot for Joan."