Google gone mad: pranksters mess with Cowra on Maps

Warning: expletive language in gallery and link, reader discretion is advised 

While Google Maps can be a very handy tool to find your way around town, it's also proven to provide a plethora of internet memes. 

From odd screenshots to hilarious street names, the app constantly attracts headlines about what users have found - and Cowra is not immune. 

After a quick search of the town on Wednesday afternoon, the Cowra Guardian spotted some funny and rude additions to Cowra's region on Google Maps. 

It's not clear who the perpetrators are, however names have been placed on parks, businesses and houses across town and at the time of publication, more have popped up around town. 

The pranksters have used a lot of creativity, creating "Cheeseburger Reserve" near Macdonalds and "Griswalds Smoko Shack" in the Taragala area. 

Check out the Google Map below but be warned, there is some expletive language. 

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