Woman fined $300 for failing to pay for fuel

A 44-year-old Cowra woman has been fined $300 and ordered to pay $97 in compensation to a local service station in Cowra Local Court on Wednesday.

Monica Ingram of Bahloo Street, Cowra, did not appear in front of court and was convicted in absence.

According to the police facts, between 12.36pm and 12.38pm on August 30, 2018, Ingram attended the Shell Service Station to put 56.59 litres of fuel worth $97.28 in a white coloured Toyota Camry.

Ingram attempted to pay however her card declined and she informed the attendant that she would return with the money, however she refused to leave any identification. She then left the scene.

On August 31, a staff contacted police.

On September 31, police attended Ingram’s residence where she was cautioned.

She told police, “I am going to pay for that on Tuesday night when I come back from Bourke. I know I owe them $97”.

On September 27, police attended the service station again to speak to staff, who told them Ingram was yet to return to pay for the fuel.

Magistrate Michael O’Brien said Ingram was “given every opportunity to attend” court.