Croquet brings games, tactics and chat

Saturday, January 5

A close game was played between Katrine Capps and Netta Noack against Chris Palazzi and Pam Boler. Chris and Pam started well, leaving Katrine and Netta to chase. It didn’t take long before they found their form and took the lead leaving Chris and Pam struggling to carry out their strategies. Katrine and Netta were up 13 hoops to Chris and Pam’s seven when heat stopped the game.

Don Capps drew the singles tile in his game against Jan Trengove and Helen Bryant. Don was concerned about his rustiness early, but by game’s end his confidence was restored, having won. Jan and Helen schemed their hardest but were unable to keep the good man down.

Monday, January 7 

Fifteen hoops to nine was the score when Jenny Walker and Pam Boler took on Alison Muggridge.  Not too sure which way the scores went but I’m sure they all enjoyed themselves trying and retrying shots during the practice day.

Wednesday, January 9

Pam Boler and Heather got together in a singles game. Pam managed to get her nose in front at the last, winning 22-18.  Many complaints were made about balls not going through hoops, but they still scored freely.

Jenny Walker and Gwen Bush teamed up to play Chris Palazzi.  The three players fiddled around a bit getting shots wrong and having tactical moves come to nothing. Near the end, Chris managed a few good shots and pegged out one ball.  

Jenny and Gwen were able to keep her other ball well away from the peg-out-post for a few turns. Chris hit a long shot which proved successful and the game ended at 26-18.