Magpies to apply defensive mindset in League Tag side in 2019

Speaking to Cowra Magpies League Tag coach Jack Nobes, he’s quick to turn to the bugbear of many a league coach: Defence. 

“They [the players] always score points, most people do have that bit of natural attacking ability, it’s just getting them working together in defense,” he said.

“If we get our defense right and keep the other sides out [of scoring positions], we should be pretty competitive.” 

The women’s side is about to meet for their first 2019 training session, with Nobes confident that the team can be more successful after a difficult season results-wise in 2018. 

“In years gone by, [the women’s side] has not so much been pushed aside, but they’ve been nearly their own sort of thing,” he said. 

To that end, the club, including Nobes and senior coach Kurt Hancock, have identified more inclusive training as a way for new women’s players to improve at the club. 

“Kurt can teach them a lot of things,” Nobes said.

He was also excited about potential Under 16s recruits, who have followed a longer development path than older athletes and are more prepared for League Tag’s demands.

“They’re not just coming in brand new,” Nobes said, adding that a possible pre-Christmas training session may be scheduled as a way to meet new players. 

“[It will be a] bit more of a fun day… get everyone talking about the season [and] what we’re going to aim for.”

Nobes is hopeful he can overcome the Magpie’s past League Tag player retention difficulties by using pre-season to establish cohesion.

“There’s always young girls coming through and it’s just a matter of trying to get those combinations working as early as possible,” he said.   

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