Orange takes the early lead in Central West Interclub triathlon series

Bathurst’s Nick North and Orange’s Lauren Kerwick have set the early pace in the race for this year’s Central West Interclub titles.

North took out the opening race of the series in Cowra on Sunday morning defeating Orange young gun Rory Thornhill with Matt Webster of Mudgee in third place.

Kerwick, fresh from a podium finish at this year’s ITU World Championships on the Gold Coast where she finished third in her age group, ran out a comfortable winner from club mate Jessica Richards with another Orange athlete, Estelle Dean finishing third.

Cowra has unearthed a talent this year with Michael Stallard, who has competed in only a handful of events, finishing in fourth spot with Bathurst’s Mark Windsor continuing to defer the years, rounding out the top five.

In the women’s race Orange club members Jessie Dean and Kim Dale completed the event’s top five.

Under a revised points system this year the top five finishers in the Sprint race receive bonus points for their clubs, the first three in each age group receive performance points and five members from each club, in each age group receive participation points.

Each interclub event is then decided on a basis of 5,4,3,2, 1 points to the clubs on the day with five going to the club which amasses the most points.

In addition to the major sprint race a super sprint will be held at each race this year, which is open to competitors of all age groups, giving clubs a chance to give their points a major boost. Despite this fact all competitors at the Cowra race were aged under 20.

Under the new format Orange leads the series on 5 points from Bathurst on 4, Cowra on 3, Mudgee on 2 and Dubbo on 1 point.


Females – Lauren Kerwick (Orange under 20s) 57.54, Jessica Richards (Orange 30-39) 1.01.49, Estelle Dean (Orange 40-49), Jessie Dean (Orange under 20s) 1.02.37, Kim Dale (Orange 40.49) 1.02.42, Giselle Denly (Mudgee) 1.04.25, Abbie Dean (Orange) 1.07.59, Amanda Livingstone (Orange) 1.10.36, Julie Middleton (Orange) 1.11.46, Jennifer Arnold (Bathurst) 1.14.06, Kinesha Roweth (Orange) 1.14.43, Fran Grady (Bathurst) 1.14.54, Bridgette Evans (Orange) 1.15.06, Cas Ingham (Orange) 1.15.57, Candice Falconer (Bathurst) 1.16.23, Stephanie Harrison (Orange) 1.17.43, Amanda Sullivan (Cowra) 1.18.28, Linda Jonkers (Cowra) 1.23.11, Rhonda Gainsford (Mudgee) 1.28.48, Jane Bennett (Bathurst) 1.25.42, Anna Blackell (Bathurst) 1.29.19, Judy Tarleton (Orange) 1.32, Audrey Brown (Orange) 1.33.22, Sally Wallace (Orange) 1.35.04, Meghan Goodwin (Orange) 1.39.37.

Males – Nick North (Bathurst) 51.48, Rory Thornhill (Orange) 52.37, Matt Webster (Mudgee) 52.45), Michael Stallard (Cowra) 54.17, Mark Windsor (Bathurst) 54.39. David Searle (Orange) 55.31, Luke Gillmer (Bathurst) 57.01, Tom Tudor (Orange) 57.12, Christopher Walsh (Bathurst) 57.43, Campbell Wall (Mudgee) 58.03, Cooper Sullivan (Cowra) 58.54, John Wood (Cowra) 59.03, Matt Dean (Orange) 59.10, Team 500 (Orange) 59.18, John Sullivan (Cowra) 59.28, Stephen Jackson (Bathurst) 59.51, Andy Hardy (Orange) 1.01.45, Michael Lockyer (Orange) 1.02.22, Andrew Paul (Bathurst) 1.02.44, Jacob Evans (Orange) 1.03.18, Adam Mort (Mudgee) 1.03.26, Danny Weale (Bathurst) 1.03.44, Heath Webb (Dubbo) 1.03.50, Geoff Short (Bathurst) 1.04.18, Mitch Nelson (Bathurst) 1.04.31, Jamie Rivett (Bathurst) 1.04.35, Mark Delaney (Orange) 1.04.58, Joe Sullivan (Cowra) 1.05.09, Glen Hudson (Cowra) 1.05.10, Dave Porter (Cowra) 1.06.47, Andrew Fisher (Cowra) 1.06.47, Jeremy Wallace (Orange) 1.08.28, Chris Grady (Bathurst) 1.09.54, Luke Patterson (Bathurst) 1.10.44, William Kiely (Bathurst) 1.11.54, Matt Hayes (Bathurst) 1.12.10, James Burt (Bathurst) 1.12.55, Matt Press (Bathurst) 1.13.12, Richard Boylan (Mudgee) 1.13.49, Simon Lun (Orange) 1.14.32, Pat Dellimore (Bathurst) 1.14.58, Richard Blackie (Bathurst) 1.15.46, James Kelly (Bathurst) 1.15.59, Garreth O’Rourke (Bathurst) 1.19.28, John Lynch (Cowra) 1.19.32, Ian Crafter (Dubbo) 1.21.37, Dean Porter (Bathurst) 1.24.53, Peter Bennett (Bathurst) 1.36.32, Darrell Makin (Cowra) 1.42.15.

Junior course

Hamish Searle (Orange) 12.03, Ryan Hudson (Cowra) 14.23, Lawson Wood (Cowra) 14.42, Indy Webb (Orange 18.10).

Super Sprint Females (all competitors this race were under 20s)

Sophie Martin (Orange) 16.53, Molly Dean (Orange) 17.49, Jessie Tudor (Orange) 18.49, Lucy Searle (Orange 19.32, Elizabeth Walsh (Bathurst) 22.38.

Super Sprint Males (all competitors this race were under 20s)

Beau Rohr (Mudgee) 16.06, Rory Sullivan (Cowra) 17.27, Todd Nelson (Bathurst) 17.36, Darcy Foxall (Cowra) 18.27, Carter Dale (Orange) 19.29.

Sprint Teams

Phil Tudor, Steve Martin (Orange) 59.18.

Sprint Females

Under 20s – Lauren Kerwick (Orange) 57.54, Jessie Dean (Orange) 1.02.37, Abby Dean (Orange) 1.07.59, Kinisha Roweth (Orange) 1.14.43.

20-29 years – Amanda Livingstone (Orange) 1.10.36, Bridgette Evans (Orange) 1.15.06, Stephanie Harrison (Orange) 1.17.43.

30-39 years – Jessica Richards (Orange) 1.01.49, Jennifer Arnold (Bathurst) 1.14.06,  Candice Falconer (Bathurst) 1.16.23, Anna Blackett (Bathurst) 1.29.19.

40-49 years – Estelle Dean (Orange) 1.02.14, Kim Dale (Orange) 1.02.44, Giselle Denley (Mudgee) 1.04.25, Amanda Sullivan (Cowra) 1.18.28, Jane Bennett (Bathurst) 1.25.42, Audrey Brown (Orange) 1.33.22, Megan Goodwin (Orange) 1.39.37.

50-59 years – Julie Middleton (Orange) 1.11.46, Fran Grady (Bathurst) 1.14.54, Linda Jonkers (Cowra) 1.23.11.

60 plus years – Cas Ingham (Orange) 1.15.57, Rhonda Gainsford (Mudgee) 1.24.48, Judy Tarleton (Orange) 1.32, Sally Wallace (Orange) 1.35.04.

Sprint Males

Under 20s – Rory Thornhill (Orange) 52.32, Tom Tudor (Orange) 57.12, Campbell Wall (Mudgee) 58.06, Cooper Sullivan (Cowra) 58.54, Mitch Nelson (Bathurst) 1.04.31, Joe Sullivan (Cowra) 1.05.09, William Kiely (Bathurst) 1.11.54, James Burt (Bathurst) 1.12.55.

20-29 years – Nick North (Bathurst) 51.48, Jacob Evans (Orange) 1.03.18.

30-39 years – Michael Stallard (Cowra) 54.17, Luke Gillmer (Bathurst) 57.01, Christopher Walsh (Bathurst) 57.43, Andrew Paul (Bathurst) 1.02.42, Dany Weal (Bathurst) 1.03.46, Heath Webb (Dubbo) 1.03.50, Glen Hudson (Cowra) 1.05.10, Jeremy Wallace (Orange) 1.08.28, Matt Press (Bathurst) 1.13.12. Richard Boylan (Mudgee) 1.13.49, Pat Dellimore (Bathurst) 1.14.58, Richard Blackie (Bathurst) 1.15.46, Gareth O’Rourke (Bathurst) 1.19.28.

40-49 years – Matt Webster (Mudgee) 52.45, David Searle (Orange) 55.31, John Wood (Cowra) 59.03, Matt Dean (Orange) 59.10, John Sullivan (Cowra) 59.28, Michael Lockyer (Orange) 1.02.22, Geoff Short (Bathurst) 1.04.18, Jamie Rivett (Bathurst) 1.04.35, Andy Hardy (Orange) 1.04.45, David Porter (Cowra) 1.06.47, Luke Patterson (Bathurst) 1.10.44, Matt Hayes (Bathurst) 1.12.10, Simon Lun (Orange) 1.14.32, James Kiely (Bathurst) 1.15.59, John Lynch (Cowra) 1.19.32, Dean Porter (Bathurst) 1.24.53, Peter Bennett (Bathurst) 1.36.32.

50-59 years – Mark Windsor (Bathurst) 54.39, Adam Mort (Mudgee) 1.03.26, Mark Delaney (Orange) 1.04.54, Andrew Fisher (Cowra) 1.06.47, Darrell Makin (Cowra) 1.42.15.

60 plus years – Stephen Jackson (Bathurst) 59.51, Chris Grady (Bathurst) 1.09.54, Ian Crafter (Dubbo) 1.21.37.