CWA Cowra branch calls for new members and drought relief donations

The next monthly meeting of the Country Women's Association of NSW –  Cowra Branch will be held next Thursday, September 20.

Due to commitments later in the day, the meeting will commence at 10am in the Council's Multipurpose Room.

Any member unable to attend, please don't forget to contact either the Secretary or the President.

At last month's meeting, Florence contributed a traditional Polish walnut cake, which she had made earlier. This was gratefully received by all. Thank you, Florence.

Many people (primarily from Sydney), have been contacting us regarding donations towards drought relief in the region.

The Country Women's Association of NSW, has been both receiving/distributing and providing lots of assistance alongside money where needed for farmers. 

Grant payments from the CWA of NSW Disaster Relief Fund are up to a maximum of $3000 per individual applicant and/or household and are available for farming businesses that are drought-affected and reliant on farming as their primary source of income.

The money can be used for the likes of groceries, vehicle maintenance, school expenses, household bills, and medical costs.

For application information and criteria related to the drought relief grants go to

People can also donate to the CWA of NSW Disaster Relief Fund, with donations tax deductible and able to be made via the CWA website at

There are many Branches throughout the State, which are continually raising money for the many funds which the State Headquarters administers.

Being involved with such an organisation is a rewarding experience.

Being one of the oldest voluntary organisations in the town (95 years in November), the Cowra Branch is ageing quickly and needs new/younger members for the future.

If you are interested in joining, please contact the President Josephine Cochrane on 6345 3155 or email

Further information can be found on our website