Demands for money end in Cowra Local Court appearance

The actions of a man charged with stalking and using a carriage service to harm were, Cowra Local Court heard, all related to him regarding his parents as a cash cow.

Magistrate Michael O’Brien said the actions of Michael Matthews stemmed from his financial situation.

“They all related to him regarding his parents as a cash cow,” Mr O’Brien said in the Local Court on September 5, 2018 before imposing 12 month suspended jail sentences.

Michael Matthews, 22, of Brisbane Avenue and formerly of Sunshine Bay on the south coast, was charged with stalking and two counts of using a carriage service to harm.

“His history is limited but we’re now getting to the point where he faces suspended sentences,” Mr O’Brien said.

“Having regard to the seriousness of these offences against a background where he was subject to bonds for similar matters against the same complainants that we have now reached a threshold.

“However Mr Matthews could be given a suspended sentence on the proviso that he accept supervision.

“If he fails to get with the program or re-offends he becomes his own jailer.

“Every effort has been made by courts to keep him out of full time custody.

“We have  now got to the point where he have to say bonds aren’t giving the community protection.

“Mr Matthews needs to grasp the metal and do something or face the consequences.

“There comes a time when you have to accept you’re a grown up and have to fend for yourself, you cannot simply rely on the largesse of others to get you by.

“If people don’t comply with your demands then that is there prerogative.

“They should not be subject to vitriolic, vile, abusive and threatening messages from you, it is unacceptable and it will not be tolerated,” Mr O’Brien told Matthews.

Police facts presented to the court reveal that in early April the accused was able to obtain government housing in Cowra after being released from prison.

Police said the victim had been providing Matthews with financial support but “it was never enough and he continued to request more”.

On May 4 this year Matthews texted the victim requesting money and was told there was no more which resulted in him becoming abusive.

Matthews sent the victim text messages saying “just get it somewhere or I’ll cut my own throat” and “just get it or bad shit will happen”.

He also texted the victim “I’ll cut ur heart out” and “I’m coming to get you”.

Matthews later phoned the victim’s place of work and said “the girl in the deli is going to die”.

When spoken to by police Matthews freely admitted the offence.