Endurance riders ready for annual Woodstock weekend

The Woodstock endurance ride will be on this Saturday.
The Woodstock endurance ride will be on this Saturday.

On behalf of Lachlan Endurance Riders Club, we have pleasure in welcoming you back to our annual Endurance Weekend, which will feature a 20kms stand alone on Saturday and a 40/80Kms on Sunday.

We hope that you enjoy the course that will take you through prime fat lamb and cropping country that has been made available by private landowners, country roads and lanes, as well as historic Cobb and Co tracks.

We will provide our usual high standard of rugs for winners in each division; with place prizes down to 3rd and of course Best Conditioned rugs. Our Woodstock buckle also to each successful completion in the 80kms and our very fancied mugs for successful Training riders; and awards for Intros as well.

The Woodstock Showground has plenty of room, hot showers, toilets and plenty of water points. BYO yards to standard NSWERA please.

We will have the usual P and C canteen at the Grandstand where one can observe the vetting, BC workouts etc.

The Woodstock P and C will also be providing dinner for those that book in advance and pay at canteen.

Our office will open around 10am Saturday and will only take 20kms entries til 11.30am when vetting will most likely commence. After this the Sunday entries can be made with vetting at 12.30pm til 5pm. Vetting will be Standard AERA.

We hope you all have a great ride and that you can all say you’ve had a rewarding and enjoyable time at Woodstock, when you leave us.

For entries and more information, please contact Helen Lindsay on (02) 6342 9289 or 0427 429 289 or email kintamaniarabs@bigpond.com