Two hundred fish hooked in Grabine comp

Organisers of the 2018 Grabine Freshwater Fishing Competition say they are “super stoked” with the 889 entries received and 228 fish landed in this year’s competition.

The organisers thanked all who took part in the bad weather and in spite of the “fuel dramas” that boaties have had to encounter at Grabine this winter.

Fish Results

CATFISH(sponsored by Ifishcomps).

Junior Longest Catfish - COOPER CRAIG - 493mm.

Senior Runner Up Catfish - PETER SOUTHWELL - 515mm.

Senior Longest Catfish - RYAN DOWLING - 520mm.


Junior Longest Silver Perch - EMILY SMITH - 355mm.


3rd Place Junior Golden Perch - GEORGE TAYLOR - 460mm.

Junior Runner Up Golden Perch - ARCHIE MCDONALD - 476mm.

Junior Longest Golden Perch - PATON LEWIS - 520mm.

Senior Runner Up Golden Perch - GARY CASSIDY - 517mm.

Senior Longest Golden Perch - KIM GEORGE - 580mm.

CARP (sponsored by Tackleworld Goulburn)

Biggest Bag of Carp - MARK GEORGE - 23.

Junior Runner Up Carp - GRACE CARD - 590mm.

Junior Longest Carp - CAMERON CONSTABLE - 757mm.

Senior Runner Up Carp - GARY REDMAN - 650mm.

Senior Longest Carp - GARY DEATH - 684mm.

MURRAY COD (sponsored by Grabine Freshwater Fishing Tournament Ifishcomps Reflections Holiday Parks Grabine Lakeside Gobsmacked Lures Jolly Roger Spinnerbaits BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing)

Junior Runner Up Cod - ELI GARHAM - 757mm.

Junior Longest Cod - JOSH CROSSMAN - 930mm.

Senior Runner Up Cod - DARREN SNOWDEN - 1050mm.

Senior Longest Cod - CRAIG HOOKE - 1070mm.

MYSTERY LENGTH (sponsored by H20 Marine & RV Canberra)

Yellow Belly - SNOW WOODS - 382mm (Mystery 383mm).

Murray Cod - HARRY CLARKE - 710mm (Mystery 711mm).

CLUB PRIZE (sponsored by Reflections Holiday Parks Grabine Lakeside)


MAJOR PRIZE - Stessco Fisherman 429 Boat with 40hp Mercury Motor.


RUNNER UP PRIZE - Stessco Lagoon 349 Roof Topper


Number of fish "weighed in". 28 Murray Cod, 138 Golden Perch, 8 Catfish, one Silver Perch and 53 Carp.

Thank you again to all our sponsors who assist us in making the comp what it is- H20 Marine & RV Canberra, Stessco, Mercury Marine, Reflections Holiday Parks Grabine Lakeside, BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing, Tackleworld Goulburn, Ifishcomps, Gobsmacked Lures, Jolly Roger Spinnerbaits, Fabworx Welding and Fabrication, Jd's Hardware and Rural Supplies, Studio 4 - Signs & Design and Crookwell Community Trust.

The $5 fee from the 889 entries in the tournament will see $4,445 donated to Crookwell Community Trust.