Bushwalkers ready to get moving again

The Upper Lachlan Bushwalkers are getting ready for lots of walks now that spring is nearly here.

Unfortunately, a lot of the past Sundays have not been the best weather for walks and the group are all starting to get itchy feet.

Sunday, August 26 saw many of the group’s members gather to farewell Anne and Geoff Dernee.

They have both been members for many years and will be greatly missed.

Geoff has a wealth of knowledge regarding walks, birds and plants. 

His lingering over “that lovely little fellow” (a wildflower), as he tries for the perfect photo will be missed. 

The Upper Lachlan Bushalkers wish them both happiness and lots of fun discovering new walks around their new location.

The group’s next walk will be on Sunday, September 9 around the Oakey Creek area. 

Matti Eriksson will be leading the walk – 6345 1206 and the group will be leaving the Visitors Centre at 9am. 

If you are walking please contact Matti.

Everyone is invited to join in the walks and new walkers are entitled to three walks before joining the Club. 

Children are also welcome to walk, provided they have a parent or guardian with them. All members and interested walkers are asked to contact the Leader prior to the walk to let them know you are coming and to find out the degree of difficulty of the walk.  All walkers must ensure they have any medications they need and to notify the Leader if they have any conditions eg allergy to bees.

The monthly meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 4 at Services Club at 7.30pm.

Walking gets the feet moving, the blood moving, the mind moving. And movement is life. ~Terri Guillemets.